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X3 Terran Conflict -- Show Us Your Fleet

Posted 8 years ago.

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Resident Bastard
Haha, I've not seen one of these threads for years! Not since I signed up on the Egosoft forums in 2004 in fact :p

So, here's my fleet for my current 'Main' game (I have several games on the go at once.....yes I'm an X addict, I blame the spaceweed :p ) This includes a few ships not available in vanilla (yes I play ***Modified***)

M1 Raptor - 'Divine Wind' + 4x Viper Bomber wing/6x Kestrel Scout Wing/38x Venti Attack wing/12x Eclipse Defence wing - CODEA carrier, my personal Flagship.

M7 Shrike - 'Shrike If You Wanna Go Faster' + 8 Eclipse defence wing
M7 Panther - 'Kitten' + 22x Venti attack wing/6x kestrel scout wing/4x Viper Bomber wing
M7 Griffon - 'Different Animal' + 9x Notus Hauler defence wing
M7 Tiger - 'Warlord Blade
M7M Minatour - 'Live Fire Excercise'
M7M Ares - 'Blatant Thuggery'

2x M7 Agamemnon (Dry Dock)
1x M7 Deimos (Dry Dock)

M6 Heavy Centaur Prototype - 'Crash Test'
M6 Hyperion Vanguard - 'Hippy Van'

2x HCP (Sector Def)

M3+ Tenjin - 'Indie Cypher' - Personal Fighter

That's the bulk of my personal ships, there's also a number of Astreus Haulers guarding my complexes, and 6 Goner Ozias as bulk storage of weapons/missiles/leftover stuff from the Hub plot. Add about 100 Mistrals and Mistral Super Freighters as LTs and a boatload of Fighters and that's most of my fleet Smile

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Posted 8 years ago.

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The Old Guy

Just bought a new Mammoth (TL), the Pachyderm. She will be used for station and complex building.
Scott mentioned that doing some 'station building' missions is a good way to grab some quick cash.
I will try a few of these with this new ship too.

While I was in Legend's Home to get the Mammoth...I picked up an Aquilo class M7M from the OTAS shipyard...the Aladna's Pride
I know, I'm weak. I think there was something about a "Year End Close Out Sale"...
I had the money just sitting around doing nothing.
(See..any excuse to explain the purchase)

-The Aquilo class M7M is a nice looking ship.
-She has good speed--3rd fastest of the M7M's (2nd fastest of those you can buy outright)
-There is really good cargo space at 8,000 (XL) units.
-The shields she can carry is impressive--three 2GJ shields.
-Weapon's energy is also nice at 50,500J.
-And she is the least expensive of the M7M's that you can buy (outright).

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Posted 7 years ago.

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The German Man
I know this thread is over a year old but after a year of playing and just now finding this i thought i would post my fleet. Now i am a trader but i enjoy attacking xenon and khaak sectors as well. My fleet isnt strong but its huge.

6 - colossus
10 - titans
60 - busters
40 - cerbrus
211 - mercury super frighters ( thats one frighter for each sector i had 220 but 9 decided to fly threw a xenon sector "befor the pach")
206 - advance sats ( I know they are not ships but im a trader so they count to me )

This game is unmodifed i just recently found out you can make your own scripts when i joined this forum (thanks roguey Smile )

A question that has puzzled me for my whole 24 years of life. If a word is in the dictonary is mispelled how do we know?
Posted 7 years ago.

I normally only have one of the buyable ships mainly m7. If I have a M2 it is a boreas unless the pirates are kind enough to give me a couple of theirs. My panther will have two wings one with nova raiders one with the Argon M3 heavy fighter.A cobra for a m7 plus any thing else Isee on sale at the ship yards.

Posted 7 years ago.

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Please insert pizza!
would be nice to see pictures of your fleet, since this is 'show us your' :P

Posted 7 years ago.

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PEW PEW Lazors!!
The shock-wave generator is good when your on your own, there a few ships that don't like me because they have got caught in my shockwave. The last time I really used them a lot on a ship was on X2. My Taldi Osprey could handle Gamma PSGs... until Roguey's mod took them out Also in the last mission of X2, I equipped a paranid M3 with them and was able to easily get rid of those annoying little things you had to destroy that were attached to the Kha'ak weapon.
- bozo64r

Sorry to dissapoint you bozo, the osprey couldn't take GPSG's ever, just betas. Still, beta are still amazing, I did the same thing on the final level, although I had a bug where the NPC Titan nearly did it for me, till it died...

I will be the one to take you down!
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