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How to install adv sat in Xenon 347 for Bala Gi missions

Posted 8 years ago.

Dogs of War Inc.
Elsenor on Mon 27th Feb at 11:01am (GMT)
Hi PuppyOfWar, you seem to have everything all tied up. I do not, still trying to put an advanced sat into Xeon space, they keep on killing me. How did you do it. Any tips are acceptable. The old man.

PuppyOfWar on Tue 28th Feb at 4:33am (GMT)
If you are really having trouble with that one, I suggest using the fastest Discoverer you can. Discos take M cargo, allowing you to both carry the sat and mount a jump drive. I don't recall for sure, but I think I did it in an M4 personally. The Disco is much faster, should be easier. The Disco Raider is the one you really want, sold at Light of Heart. The Vanguard is a distant second choice for speed, sold at Omicron Lyrae.

A Yaki M5 would be even better, but its certainly not safe to assume you have captured one already.

I would advise heading straight up from the ecliptic plane as soon as you get through the gate, and go up and over to approach the center. Most of the Xenon will stay near the ecliptic, and won't notice you as you approach the 0,0 point from 30 km or so above the ecliptic. Then when you get to 0,0 on the plane, just come straight down and eject the satellite when you are near 0,0,0. Then jump out.

Posted 8 years ago.

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PuppyOfWar thank you for the tip shall try this and let you know how the old man does. Again "thank you".

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