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Unable To Vote

Posted 8 years ago.

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I never have been able to vote. i always get this error:

Error: You need to select an item to vote on by selecting the small radio button to the right of the choices.
If you have just logged in, then you will need to return to the page with the poll and recast your vote.

I am selecting the choice on the right by the little round button then clicking on "Post My Vote" then get the error.
Perhaps im just not high enough level to vote yet or im missing something obvious?

Posted 8 years ago.

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Please insert pizza!
Ah, thanks for letting me know. I have found the problem and fixed it, so now you should be able to vote. The problem was the flash having the old address (forum. , rather than /forum/), so its been like that since ive changed to sub-folders, from sub-domains.

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