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part of the mod dont work

Posted 7 years ago.

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I have installed x3 reuniun new and istalled the mod,but I cant use the new start options.
PS: trying the option at winRAR 'expand to' dont work because it only transfer parts of the mod and then i got an error message that winRAR cant create some datas because he got no accept (or rights), but when i drag and drop then (marked all datas in the mod package and droped then into the x3 foulder).
I Hope that someone can help me.

Posted 7 years ago.

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hi there,

you shouldnt need to extract anything once you have unzipped the mod to your X3 folder (make sure that all the files go into the correct places). Once thats done, you should be able to go new game->custom game, then select one of the new starts. Hopefully that helps,

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