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Some mod ideas I have

Posted 8 years ago.

I bought the X Superbox a while back, after already playing X3 Reunion, and a few things from X3 and it's mods I'd like to see put on X2 as well if anyone is interested.

The hostile races seem to lack a ship or 2 of particular classes, and I'm of the opinion that every race should have at least 1 ship for every class, for balance purposes except ships primarily designed for trading, which hostile races don't necessarily need, but it still wouldn't hurt to have them. The Xenon and Khaak lack an M6, while the pirates don't have an M6, M2, or M1.

As for mod conversion, right now I'd primarily like to see something similar to Voxol's and Xfir01's Bail system extension mod, a script which adds a bunch of options for the player to allow them to affect whether ship classes can or cannot be captured, as well as adjust the likelyhood of the pilot bailing. However, nobody has to go as the Bail System Extension does, just making it so that all ships can be capped at anytime including the ones in the above mod request with fair odds of success is good enough for me. I love capping ships in Reunion and I'd like to continue to be able to cap anything at anytime, as long as I was good enough to be able to beat whatever I was trying to cap anyway.

Posted 8 years ago.

The problem with mod or script ideas for X2 is that there are only very few scripters and modders left that work on X2 these days. Most have moved on to the X3 games.

There are however a few mods that are still (more or less) actively supported or being worked on. Both, X2: Firelance and the P. X. D. mod, include new ships and some other stuff. The P. X. D. mod also changes the "capturing conditions". It might be worth to ask in its topic how these conditions were changed and if it's something that can be adjusted according to your wishes. Still in development is the X2-Pandora mod, which also has changes in capturing on its feature list.

As for scripts and script conversions in general, with X2 the Script Editor was introduced. Naturally, the number of commands and therefore also the number of things you can achieve with scripts in X2 is less in comparison to the newer games.

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