Meeting the w3c standard

Sunday 23rd January, 2011 Comments 0 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
Today I have been improving the whole site w3c validation. Some parts of the site still have a few errors (such as the main page) but the amount of errors is now around 0-20 tops. Some pages like the ship page used to have around 250+ w3c errors. Whilst w3c validation isnt required, its still nice to have many pages officially validated. w3c basically checks your website code for errors.

This is why the paypal button has been moved to a single donation page (this may make pages load faster too).

[Update] More pages now meet w3c standard (including the main page, forum, arcade (this had 250+ errors recently)). The pages that dont meet the w3c standard have had reduction to the amount w3c errors, although there are some pages that need a lot more work to meet w3c.


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