Blog section upgrade

Tuesday 28th June, 2011 Comments 1 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
I have spent some time upgrading the blog section of the site - has it was a bit of a mess and didnt fit the traditional blog theme.

The main blog page now shows blogs by date rather than grouping by user-name. The old way meant your blog may not appear first (ie. newest) because of your username, this is not the case any-more. The page is also equipped with image hunting skills, so if you used a picture in your blog, it will be displayed on the main blog page. This can help give readers an idea what your blog is about.

The next adjustment is to your own blog area. Now the first 3 blogs are displayed in the traditional blog format, after which the next blogs from you are listed as more from. Before the changes blogs were simply display as a list.

The last change is to the single blog page, which has had some minor format adjustments. I hope you like the new blog area and use it Smile oooh and by the way, comments for each blog are shown on the single blog page.


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