Thanks to Manny from hotmail

Friday 5th August, 2011 Comments 0 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
As you may or not know that my site had problems sending the confirmation email to hotmail/live/msn accounts. At first I though the problem was to do with the email itself, so I spent ages changing the layout/design. Nothing seem to work.

I contacted my host and they said everything should be okay, and said to contact hotmail directly. I did play with the domain name, which then pulled the site down for 8 hours roughly awhile back. I did try contacting hotmail, but at first and got no response from them. I thought Ill give it another go to see if someone from hotmail could help.

A day or so later, I got a reply telling me that hotmail had a block on the site and that its been lifted. Thanks to Manny from Windows Live Hotmail Sender Support Team for looking into the problem and fixing it.

I have also upgraded the emails to use html formatting - which looks a little nicer.


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