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Saturday 24th September, 2011 Comments 3 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
You may of noticed that today the site has gone under some design changes? Well.. Over the past few days ive been working on a new design for the sites, as I noticed a few large sites have/are updating their looks to a more simplistic theme.

I personally like the simplistic theme, as makes a page feel more easier to read (less heavy). This new design also allows me to colour-code the sub-sections with their own colour: the forum in light blue, x3tc site in red, x3 site in yellow etc. However I didnt want to lose the personal touch by making the sites too basic - hence the reason for the picture at the top.

Some pages are also marked for a updated sometime soon - much as My home which has became a bit of a mess now. I also need to update the PS3 site as well. So the designs aren't yet complete.

I hope you like the new design and find it easier to read.


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