Updated blogs with new banner reward

Tuesday 31st January, 2012 Comments 0 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
Today ive been thinking the blog section needed a bit of an update, as it didnt look very personal. To me it looked each person blogs were merging into one. So I started changing the design to make it better, trying to make them more personal... moving text etc.

This is when I thought about adding an image to the top, an banner as such. However as soon as tried it, I thought about expanding the idea so your own profile, home etc. This would hopefully make certain sections of the site more personal.

So now, for all level 6,+ users you should now have access to an banner uploader in My home. I have also changed a few pages (like profiles) to an new layout.

ps. a note to mods, the mod options have been removed from the profile pages, however I will code an better admin section for the whole site. So bare with me on that.


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