This site over 8 years old!

Friday 28th December, 2012 Comments 1 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
I missed the date by 18 days, however the site is now over 8 years old! In this time the site has featured ever-so more complex code, greatly expanding the site functionality and the amount of vistors. These include things such as forums, wiki, arcade, log-in systems, user groups and even my own domain name. You can see my first ever post right back on 10th Dec 2004 here! When the site was simply 1 page, now its grown over 28,000 (according to Google). We even seen support from egosoft, with last years give-away (big thanks ego). However the biggest thanks goes to you, thank-you all your advice, tips, suggestions and being part of this community.

You may of noticed the site has gone under a bit of a re-design too - if there is any problems let me know. The forum is the next thing to be re-designed in the next couple days, so there could be some weird things happening there.

Here's toast for the site, may it continue to grow (if you wish to join in type : beer (without a space))


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