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Sunday 3rd February, 2013 Comments 2 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
The other day I was watching one of Sixar's videos when I wanted to start writing a reply. However to write a reply, the forum required me to load an 2nd page. This would cause me to lose my current place in the video. So ive been thinking what about having an in-line reply editor - a quick reply system as such. This would allow me to start writing a reply without loading a second page, allowing me to watch the video.

So today ive been working on a integrated reply editor:

News picture 34

All you need to do is click on Quick reply (at the bottom of a topic/thread) and the editor will be shown (without a 2nd page). This new system also allows you to quote easier too.

I have also added another thing to the editor; highlight tagging. Basically just select the text you want, then click say on b to make the text bold. Before this would just simply insert some text at the bottom. This works for b, i, u, center, size and colour tags. You can also click at a location (without selecting anything) insert a tag at that place. There is one minor issue with IE and the colour tags, which ill try and fix soon.

Hopefully you will like the new quick reply editor.


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