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Thursday 7th March, 2013 Comments 3 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
During the past few days ive been thinking about a way of helping people share their guides, tips etc. Usually you post a guide somewhere (like the egosoft forum) and it kind-of gets lost in the mountain of threads... All you can do is link to a handful of guides in your signature (which isnt ideal). Maybe someone has found one of your guides and wants to see other guides you have written. So they might do a google search for 'xyz guides' but only find forum posts.

So ive created a new reward 'My stuff'. This is a customizable page allows you to create a list or page for your content. So I could make a page 'Roguey's stuff', where I could list all the guides I made, across various sites. I hope this helps authors to share a much greater list of guides than you current can fit into a forum signature. And maybe give your guides a 'home' place. So now when someone does a google search, it may come up with your 'My Stuff' page listing all your content.

Another example, Kirlack's Way of the Gun story. He could now add his story to his 'My stuff' page, with his other guides and tips. A link to his content will be found on his profile too.

Please note, I dont really want the 'My Stuff' pages to hold actual guides, but to act has link pages to your guides. If you want a place to post a guide, try the wiki.


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