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Saturday 23rd March, 2013 Comments 0 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
During the past few days ive been working on the blog section. I wasnt happy how the system worked especially after the increased character limit. The old system would store the text in the database which isnt ideal for large bodies of text. This also meant the text had to be re-parsed every-time a person wanted to view the blog, which isnt ideal.

The new system gets rids of this mostly, has the blog is now saved onto the disk. This code change wont seem any different (if ive done everything correct). I have also gave the design an upgrade too (ie. X3TC blogs, X3AP blogs etc.). ie. The blog sections now look more like blogs than the old list design.

News picture 36

I am thinking about adding a tag to the blog editor, allowing you to flag a blog as a guide. This would mean it would be shown on the help section however im unsure if this is what you like. I will also add a preview to the blog section soon.

I have also changed the blog image uploader too. This now gives you an progress bar whilst uploading, however it uses HTML5 which you will need an up-to date browser to use it (IE10+).

ps. In a minor change: I have also added the wiki help sections to that of the X3TC/X3AP help areas. So hopefully people can find the guides on the wiki easier too.


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