The start of something new?

Monday 19th May, 2014 Comments 9 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
Hi there, as you may of heard I have stopped supporting the X-Universe. During the past few days ive been looking at building my own 3D projects. So far my best attempts have been with C# using the XNA frame-work (this may not mean much to some of you). I know its not much to look at at the moment, but is my first real attempt;

yes... I know its not much to look at but its a start. My program simply initialises DirectX, loads in the model, then rotates it. The model used is made by =DC=Shadow, but was exported from gmax (which I know a lot of modellers get on with). This model is even inside the X3Mod and X3AP-Mod's (used by X3/X3AP). I have a lot to learn (as I dont understand half of what's its going - a copy 'n paste jobby mostly).. but I thought you may interested to see. Maybe I might be able to build my own space-sim one doing - thats the hope.


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