Updates to MyHome, Arcade, Rand namer

Sunday 31st August, 2014 Comments 2 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
Over the past days ive been working hard on updating My Home, as I felt it was too congested (and a little confusing). So now ive ditched the put-everything-on-one-page, and instead using tabs. Hopefully now its easier to navigate, and the separation helps too (ie. before forum Signature was on update profile).

News picture 59

I have also done a few modifications to the arcade - removing the monthly high-scores in favour of top-winners for this month. This should give you an better idea who has the most top-scores for each month. However you can still see who has the top monthly score for each game by looking under My home.

And finally the last thing - the Random ship namer has gone under a rewrite. In the old system I loaded in two text files, and then put a word between them (like and/of). However my new system uses XML with a word pattern (verbs etc). I still it will still come up with some odd things, but hopefully its a little better Smile

If you notice any bugs/problems, please let me know.


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