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mkmark  •  2 weeks ago  •  Terran Kogarasu Maru Hauler
Focus crystal & quantum processor are not listed in the production requirements. I have not acquired the blueprint myself but I read from everywhere that some special ships consume these, including Kogarasu Maru.
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Roguey  •  1 month ago  •  Egosoft announces X4: Tides of Avarice
Yea I could Smile
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Shi_Man  •  1 month ago  •  Egosoft announces X4: Tides of Avarice
Yep, that's gonna be big. Hope that base ship models would be updated to match the design of the DLC ones...
Besides Roguey, you're planning to use dark orange for ToA ships and equipment? Big grin
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HarryKirri  •  3 months ago  •  New galaxy map
Thank you for this site. Big fan of X series. Really like the map and ship and wares lookup.
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Roguey  •  3 months ago  •  Terran Plot guide
glad the guide helped, many thanks!
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brigandphantos  •  3 months ago  •  Terran Plot guide
I've only unlocked Terran Space once, by siding with them. But I never went past that point. Thanks for the guides this makes my decision on what to do easier.
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asgardschosen  •  4 months ago  •  The recent shut-down of the X4 site
Hi Roguey,
I've been a fan of your site for years. I recognize the quantity of blood sweat and tears it takes to maintain a site like this. Keeping it up to date is not a simple task. I greatly appreciate the work you've put in here. As someone else said, I keep coming back to the X series over the years, and every time I do, I always return here for useful info. Thanks for keeping on!
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MacRaven  •  4 months ago  •  New galaxy map
I know i have not been around for awile but i always love your stuff,keep up the good work bud.
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brigandphantos  •  4 months ago  •  Farnhams Legacy Plot guide
Good guide. Only thing different about my game from the last page, is for some reason I choose Boron every time, and it resets my Boron reputation to neutral and puts me at 8 with the Paranid. Regardless of who I choose. Bug?
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Roguey  •  4 months ago  •  Split Acinonyx Prototype
Well I boarded mine, as im not friendly with the Split atm. Maybe you could use diplomat to unlock special ships without being hostile?
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Captain_Ginko  •  4 months ago  •  Split Acinonyx Prototype
Does anybody know how I can get this ship or BP In FL ?
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StevieLee  •  5 months ago  •  Argon Military Transport
I have a good picture of this one. I re-worked it for a personal mod and got the cockpit/turrets set up properly and beefed it up a bit. There is no player controlled guns (unless you wish to modify the actual scene file), so I added guns to other turrets and upped weapons power to compensate.

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