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VerboseCommenter  •  5 months ago  •  Argon Minotaur
I've come to realise that whoever designed the vast majority of mid-sized Argon vessels and counterpart faction copies must have had dildos on the mind. They all look the same.

Euphemisms aside, as with my other M7Ms, the only thing that seems lethal to them is getting them to follow a vastly slower and bigger ship with superior shielding - say, a Titan. You go through that gate first and you have literally seconds before it tails in behind you and straight into your hull. They squash like mosquitoes.

OR grab a Xenon Unknown Object M3 and ram them. Three-million hull strength is enough.
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VerboseCommenter  •  5 months ago  •  Teladi Gannet
You know what's great about all Teladi ships? The lack of aesthetic bullshit. They're all fugly in that respectfully beautiful way. They're the descriptions on their tins.
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VerboseCommenter  •  5 months ago  •  Split Cobra
As with all missile frigates, entirely end-game and possessing only one real weakness - coming up against another well-piloted missile frigate. There should have been additional counters for ships like these - the M8s are understandable, being weak and heavily reliant on the escape and all, but with practically any missile frigate, one can float discretely through any sector spamming the fire button without a care for the couple of titans trying their best to tail them.
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VerboseCommenter  •  5 months ago  •  Split Enhanced Jaguar
A particularly ugly and weak M5. My advice? Look at another faction...
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VerboseCommenter  •  5 months ago  •  Split Heavy Dragon
This is one Split ship outperformed by counterpart M6s of other factions. On paper it is powerful, but there are more powerful options available in exactly the same classification. You can't ignore the fact that its only turret is top-mounted, as opposed to, say, rear-mounted. A rear-mounted turret would at least (probably) mean that it wouldn't necessarily matter which end of the ship you had pointing at a target. Because it's on the top, the underside of the ship is a firing blind-spot.

Split ships seem to follow the same running theme: colossal failure of design and/or execution, or near-end-game performance and attributes. On that note, the M6 Split Acinonyx Prototype is on the far latter side of that spectrum, being potentially one of the best ships in the game in my humble opinion under the Xenon Unknown Object...and only because of the stupendous firepower it has to offer.

Having said that, this particular model might fair better as part trailing gunship and part missile pod. The drawbacks of this centre on cargo availability, as the range of missiles compatible with it more than make up for it.

Long-story-short: you can easily do better.
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VerboseCommenter  •  5 months ago  •  Wasp Missile
Great little swarmers and a good idea to fire prior to launching a heavier and slower seeking missile -
such as the Tempest Missile - as a sort of distraction for any missile defenses a target has going. Not all that bad for heavy missile defense, too.
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VerboseCommenter  •  5 months ago  •  Tempest Missile
Slow and easy for missile-defense turrets to target and destroy before impact. Successful shots unfortunately mean hitting targets with low or absent shields, and the missile barely scrapes at heavy ships.
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VerboseCommenter  •  5 months ago  •  Split Acinonyx Prototype
This is overpowered and I'm glad that it's so niche in terms of occurrence - otherwise it would kill any form of fair play. Spawn it in, you'll see what I mean.

High energy and replenishment aid to the fact that it can load standard, hard-hitting High Energy Plasma Throwers. Although the turrets are arguably better off with different guns, one would be foolish not to consider them on the cockpit: which has twelve slots, if you hadn't noticed, and I cannot iterate enough how much stamina this ship has. It lasts longer than I do hurling plasma! HAWHAW...*ahem*, seriously, it just keeps firing. Don't worry about energy consumption.

That cargo-bay size is on the upper section of the spectrum available on M6 crafts, which is a useful feature for the likes of boarding pods and/or missiles. Personally, I like watching things go boom, so I chuck on as many missiles as I can fit to it. I can see the use in boarding pods, but, honestly, I doubt very much that the pilot would be needing to gather up as many vessels as they can find with the Acinonyx under their belt.

Hammer Heavy Torpedos. Loading up with them means that the Acinonyx is capable of attacking anything, in much the broadest sense of the word 'anything'.

It is far from immobile and in fact possesses a somewhat standard agility alongside, frankly, an impressive top speed - being rated the second-highest of all M6s. Let me tell you, when it comes to a dogfight, the only ships this'll struggle with are the pesky little M5s that wouldn't pose much of a threat were they close enough to hurl some explosives at, anyway.

Allow me to reconcile that note; there is one particular craft in question that would trump it any day, and that is the mysteriously un-marked Xenon Unknown Object (See M3 list of ships). The Acinonyx-lovers out there receive my deepest condolences, but that's one set of statistics that even this baby would struggle with, if it were used as I suggest on its entry.
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Ripskar  •  5 months ago  •  Viper Mk3
Anti-Thargoid platform.
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Roguey  •  5 months ago  •  The Thargoids have returned
oh, all I meant is that when they return, there might be more fighting going on.
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edqe  •  5 months ago  •  The Thargoids have returned
"Now might be a good idea to get that trading done before they arrive!"

Are Thargoids going to be all around the universe or only in separate combat zones?
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VerboseCommenter  •  5 months ago  •  Paranid Ariadne
Despite any comments below, you'll find that only one ship in the vanilla game (Albion Prelude) can dock an M8 (bomber-class) fighter - the Terran Kyoto M2 'battle-carrier'. The Ariadne and the Guppy, which are the only two M7Cs capable of docking TS/P vessels, are no exceptions. You wouldn't want that, anyway - it'd generate overkill and would certainly mean a quicker end to your interest in X3. That is effectively the case when it comes to the Kyoto, if you can overlook its horrendous manoeuvrability.

The Ariadne is, as mentioned, able to dock a TS/P ship as well as M3/4/5 fighters. For this reason, I like to say that this and the Guppy present the best all-round capability in the game of any ship, at least until you get to the Paranid Hyperion Vanguard M6: the Jack-of-all-trades, good at everything, master of nothing.

It does have a pretty measly selection of weaponry, but at least they're not particularly crap guns - personally, I like equipping all turrets with particle accelerator cannons. The forward-facing pilot-operated main guns are a nice touch, not unlike the sister M7C Paranid Deimos/Yaki Kariudo.

The handling and acceleration of the ship leaves much to be desired, and if you have been using small fighter craft or otherwise agile ships, you'll likely find that the Ariadne is non-intuitive in that respect. It's possible to get used to its handling, though, once you understand when and how to throttle and what your general wing-span is. The general rule of thumb is that if you think it'll fit, it bloody won't. Go around...

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