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VerboseCommenter  •  5 months ago  •  Shared AP Gunner
For anyone visiting this recently of me commenting;

Yes, this is the one other M6 ship in the game that is supposed to sport some form of hangar, but no it doesn't work. The Hyperion Vanguard (Paranid) is the only other M6 capable of carrying other smaller fighters, and in my opinion, the best M6 going for its spectacular array of applications (including in combat).
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VerboseCommenter  •  5 months ago  •  Paranid Hyperion Vanguard
As late a comment as mine is, here goes;

Statistically and practically, this is the best M6, period. It is everything you would expect of a fairly strong M6 (one would go as far as suggesting that it is an M6+ in its own right) without being over-powered or ridiculous. It can carry two M5/4/3 fighters, to boot. It's a miniature carrier/heavy fighter *with its own personal fighters*.

I outfitted one with all Particle Accelerator Cannons and waltzed in on Brennan's Triumph. Though the various tougher battleships that spawned almost moments after my initial strikes proved a little too much for it to handle alone, my Vanguard made short work of everything else in the sector - and I'm not talking one at a time, either. I made a mistake in my first strikes that resulted in aggravating more than one battle-group chasing me down. Despite that, I was able to obliterate every ship that dared to make attack runs on me.

The trick with it is to forget about the carrier ability during combat. Launch the fighters you might dock if you will for aid, but keep playing the Hyperion as a fighter. Dogfight carefully enough (doing the usual strafing and whatnot), and you will quickly find that it will make short work of ships smaller than it - perhaps even a few slightly larger than it.

The Hyperion loses out in only one area for me and that is aesthetically, it is fugly - period. Everything else for me is either acceptably mediocre for a heavy fighter or exceptional for a heavy fighter.
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VerboseCommenter  •  5 months ago  •  Terran Maccana
My biggest dig on the Maccana is the two-pronged front end. Speaking lore-wise, what race in their right mind would manufacture a ship whose primary function is to carry things with a massive chunk of worthy space taken straight from its centre? It doesn't make sense, and correct me if I'm wrong, but the entire Terran design scheme for all craft doesn't appear to be as concerned with aesthetics as much as, say, Boron or Paranid vessels...meaning this carrier would seem to be something of an outlier in that respect. Functionally, the design doesn't help much, by giving additional hazards for docking ships while on the move. Whereas many moving carriers that roll or even turn while a ship is docking in them can get away without destroying said docker, moving any way but forward or backward with the Maccana is a death-sentence for any fighter in the middle.

As others have said, too, the weapons seem sub-standard for a ship of its class. This is what really lets down the ship's ability to survive, in my opinion. I think that all things considered, perhaps Egosoft should have bestowed the Maccana with some more shielding or hull strength to compensate for its losses elsewhere.
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VerboseCommenter  •  5 months ago  •  Paranid Hades
I used one and immediately discovered why M8s are not normally dock-able on any carriers without mod's.
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VerboseCommenter  •  5 months ago  •  Paranid Medusa Prototype
Think 'normal Medusa', but with more 'holy crap, it gets better'.
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VerboseCommenter  •  5 months ago  •  Paranid Deimos
The Yaki Kariudo M7(C) is a copy/paste model of the Paranid Deimos M7(C). If you want a safer, slightly stronger ship, pick the Deimos. If you want better hangar capabilities, pick the Kariudo. Both are equally great small carriers in their own right - the biggest difference is that I am led to believe that the Kariudo doesn't actually appear in the vanilla game, although I've yet to see either without spawning them with the scriptor. Both vessels are literally identical, down to the way fighters dock and where, with a few statistical variations here and there. Neither craft is capable of docking a TS/P ship, which is a feature that the Paranid Ariadne M7(C) and Boron Guppy M7(C) both sport as the only two.

So, if you're looking for a true all-round carrier, take the Ariadne: it has mediocre armaments (frankly, you ought to expect that with fast carriers) but it can hold one freighter (TS/P) and has a total hangar space of 24 fighters.

I have to say that piloting the Deimos in from the cockpit manually is a bit of a pain, because of the viewer placement. The spire that protrudes as the ship's nose is above the viewer. The ship will turn and pitch on its centre axis, leading you having to compensate for what seems like impaired movement. This is annoying in closer quarters, instances wherein and in when you might rather not be ramming the nearest large object. This might happen, too, if you are unlucky enough to be jumped exiting a gate - the shielding just can't handle ramming, intentionally or otherwise. The best place for the viewer I think would have at least been on top, so you don't lose sight of things above that annoying pylon, but hey, shoulda, woulda, coulda.
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VerboseCommenter  •  5 months ago  •  Xenon Unknown Object
This might be something of a late comment to add to this site considering the ageing of the game (especially seen as Rebirth was released), but I do have something useful to point out about this craft that I've yet to find elsewhere.

Look at the hull. That's not a typo, as in-game it *is* three-million. That's around the sort of hull level you'd be talking about an M2 - a heavy destroyer, for example. This thing is a navigable space-worthy igneous brick.

So, despite the major drawback of limited energy supply on the craft (it doesn't replenish, so when it's gone, it's gone), I would like to say that this ship's main arsenal really is ramming the crap out of opponents - and that goes for pretty much every single ship around its size and smaller, as well as many larger ships. The only crafts capable of taking a ram from it would be the M2s and larger with even greater hull strength.

Note to self: use this combined with the questionable AI patrols to clear out a sector of recurring and pesky asteroid fields in AP. #NoProblems
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gogath  •  5 months ago  •  aspex (Ship build)
kept A class thrusters for high G moons but the engineer enhanced fsd 47 ly makes it

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Darkom  •  6 months ago  •  Goner Aran
Man this thing is SLOOOOOOOOOOOW.
It costed me 150M just to repair her, and another 50m to upgrade her cargo, not to mention the other upgrades i still need to buy :/

ooh and the ships to with a M2 and other ships ^^
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Ripskar  •  6 months ago  •  Adder
Fairly Basic trading ship with some ability to visit planetary surfaces.
16 Tons of cargo and an SRV.
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oken_pierre  •  6 months ago  •  Dolphin
Planetary surface exploration Dolphin.
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oken_pierre  •  6 months ago  •  Keelback
No ship is useless for exploration. Many are worthy to be taken to the unknown wonders out there.

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