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Castor  •  1 year ago  •  Krait Mk2
Hands-down my favourite ship. Tried a few larger vessels now for the likes of core mining, but no, this is it. Python felt far too sluggish. I'm going to engineer the crap out of this for jump range and more manoeuvrability. Still have space fora couple of weapons on the large slot so I can go to town on the smaller pirates that attempt to stop my mining trips. I don't mind sacrificing a bit of cargo space for a fighter hangar, either, so it's not just my guns any would-be hrassment would have to worry about. I don't know if you guys have ever actually had to fight against a small fighter as well as one or two small to medium opponents, but it sure as hell isn't fun. Those things can really move and they'll leave a sting even if you don't ignore them.

Don't get me wrong, it's combat-ready and I think it probably suits that role better than mining. Doesn't hurt to have some good bite for when you're carrying millions of credits-worth of minerals, though.

Some players complain about the cockpit view, but I don't mind it. It's not as bad as some make it out to be. There are a lot of comparisons drawn with the Python, and although people usually say that the Python is superior for fighting, I'll remind you again that the Python can't drop fighters on you, whereas the Krait can. Coupled with superior mobility, this is why the Krait has the potential to be considerably stronger and safer.

Do note, however, that the ship actually has one fewer Class 1 slot available, contrary to this site.
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Castor  •  1 year ago  •  Type 9 Heavy
Half the price of Cutter and more cargo. Wouldn't waste your time with the Imp. version. It's far less than than half the price when you upgrade it, as well.

Don't waste your time with this one, either, though. The overheating is utterly ridiculous and I'm unsure as to why it's in the game at all.
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SKYDOG1  •  2 years ago  •  Imperial Cutter
I always engineer the lot esp. the power reactor and shield jenny.
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SKYDOG1  •  2 years ago  •  Imperial Cutter
Need to save a few creds and get promoted up with the Imps first ;o)
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SKYDOG1  •  2 years ago  •  Type 10 Defender
I bought one today at Strzelecki Gateway LP 7-226 ... Power and Dist were still 6E. Flogged it back as it's pretty useless with less than 8's and lost 11 million on the sale. Grrrrr!
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Roguey  •  2 years ago  •  Ship build section back
not sure what you mean.
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Liyanin  •  2 years ago  •  Ship build section back
I will never have those links.
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scottearle  •  2 years ago  •  Xeno Scanner
That just means nobody sells it within 50ly
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surferx  •  2 years ago  •  X4 (Home)
Rogey, will you evaluate the game again after the Split Vendetta is released with the 3.0 update? I think the game has come a long way to address some of your dislikes. It will get more missions, and ships and sectors -hoping you will add these to your database. JW because it's been kind of quiet here lately.
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bladesteel2000  •  2 years ago  •  Asp Explorer
Working on now FSD booster
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CMD_DesertNinja  •  2 years ago  •  Ship build section back
When are you going to have xbox and ps4 links?
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Castor  •  2 years ago  •  Split Elephant
There are only a couple of reasons you would want a TL ship, so this is the worst of them. You need storage space, not redundant guns. As bad as it is, even the Yaki have a better TL.

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