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Scizom  •  1 year ago  •  Yaki Ryu
Not my first choice in TL, but sometimes my first TL. If you find yourself capable of affording a TL, but not having enough reputation to get one, the Yaki Ryu may be the answer. If you get them drunk and high, the Yaki will sell you anything, even a TL.
Do not underestimate the importance of being able to get a TL in your fleet. A good TL can be used to manipulate markets like an M2 can manipulate combat.
Being of Yaki design, it tries to be a Warshhip/TL, which makes it less than desirable for either role, but it is still a TL. Get one early to secure your financial freedom. Once you have the reputation for your TL of choice, leverage it's value to buy another or use it as a ship carrier/supplier.
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Scizom  •  1 year ago  •  Teladi Vulture
While docked at the Stock Exchange, a Vulture pulled in next to me. A few 80's clad women got out and danced around while harassing all the shopkeepers on the station. Then they tossed the Vulture's keys to me. We took a spin around Seizewell and they helped me buy a new suit. After a night on the sector, they brought me back and I wondered, "Did that just happen?"
As it turns out, it didn't. It was simply the fact that the dressy front end and sleek helm of the Vulture line of ships reminds me of the ZZ Top Eliminator Hot Rod.
Unfortunately, the Vulture is as far from a Shipping Hot Rod as it can get. It's only outstanding feature, other than looks and a bridge crew of 80's dressed dancing women, is it's strong hull. A hull so strong that it weighs down the ship to a slow un-maneuverable show piece. This ship flies at the speed of Raster Oil in Januzura. It has as little shielding as you could put on a vessel carrying goods, and still claim it's protected. All of which leads me to believe the Teladi are more interested in profits from filing an insurance claim on lost goods and destroyed ships than legitimate trading.
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Scizom  •  1 year ago  •  Paranid Demeter
When The Duke needs to move some goods, he chooses the Demeter.
The Demeter Freighter is the best deal in X3AP. The reason is simple. If you fly the north central Teladi region of space, The Duke will give you a Free Demeter Freighter every two or three hours. He's just handing them out like they're candy. You may need to do some convincing that you are worthy of a Free Demeter, but I'm sure you can find a way to "talk" him out of one.
The Demeter is fast, but I don't find it as enjoyable to fly as the Mercury. Let's face it, if you are gathering up some Free Demeters, you no longer have the intention of flying them. You have a trade empire to run, or pirated ships to sell. You're way too busy pulling triggers to be flying a freighter around.
Bottom line, if it's good enough for The Duke's goods, it's good enough for mine.
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Scizom  •  1 year ago  •  Argon Mercury Hauler
Nothing represents "Space Truck'n" like the Mercury Hauler. It looks like a deep space big rig, and makes me respond to every communication with "10-4 Good buddy".
We all want our trade fleets to be filled with Drakes, but often need a middle-man to fill the gap between "My First TS Fleet" and "The Last TS Fleet I will ever need". The Mercury Hauler has double the capacity of a Mercury, and 33% more shields for a 20% loss of speed. Switching your smaller station trade ships out for these can often increase the stations profit/hour by 30-50%.
Purchasing these in Light of Heart or Cloudbase SE also makes outfitting them rather easy as most the desired components are available at the shipyards, and jumpdrives are not too far from the docks.
Although it is just one extra shield bay, I find the amount of shipyard repairs on CAG and CLS ships goes down, as the extra 25Mj is just enough to keep random pirates away from the hull.
When I make it to the point where I'm swapping out the old Mercurys and Demeters for Mercury Haulers, I know my life in the X Universe is about to get sweet.
Damn it Betty, If we're going to make record time on the Tel-Agona run with this load of Space Fuel, you best give me a 20 on those Argon Smokies so I can make this jump!
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Scizom  •  1 year ago  •  Argon Mercury
In X3AP, the Mercury is my overall favorite TS for player flying. If you choose to play without abusing the Market, or using other fast money schemes, most game starts will require the player to board an inexpensive trade ship and make some trades. If you are stuck flying a freighter for the early hours of your game, the Mercury is a fantastic choice.
The common thought is "Average at everything, Master of None", but the Mercury and others in it's line are masters of handling. This give the pilot the feeling of flying something that responds well to steering commands. This is easy to overlook, unless you are the one behind the helm.
With good shields, great cargo, above average speed, and a forward view with no visual obstruction, I tend to see the Mercury as "Above Average at Everything, and Master of Flight".
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Scizom  •  1 year ago  •  Argon Lotan
This ship will make you rich. Stupid, Filthy, Rich! Let me explain. I got a Lotan and tricked it out. I sent it to the Trade Station in Herron's Nebula, and was fortunate enough to get a Cargo Messenger ranked CLS2 pilot. His first job was to gather some stuff in Herron's and Power Circle, then off to Seizewell for big sales. This ship is so slow, by the time he made it to Kingdom End, he was a Logistician. Somewhere in Rolk's Drift, he was so bored that he started playing the market. By the time he made it Queen's Space, he was a Market Billionaire. He docked my Lotan at the Trading Port and told me to "Shove It", as he did not want to work for me any more.
Fine, I'll just have the autopilot finish the run. Which it did, the goods were delivered. Unfortunately, when I told the autopilot to do the run again, it cursed me, and ejected its computer chips into space and crashed them into an asteroid in Power Circle.
As any dedicated company owner would, I boarded the ship to make the deliveries myself. By the time I made it to Three Worlds I was so bored I was playing "I Spy", with myself. In the two weeks it took to fly from the South Gate to the East Gate in Kingdom End, I learned a lot about Biological Micro-Organisms, Construction Equipment, and Terran High-Tech Goods. I started playing the Seizewell Market, and by the time I made Queen's Space, I too was a Billionaire.
I had a Vulture meet me at the Trading Station, and now I feel like I'm flying with my hair on fire.
When ever I click on a Lotan I hear Betty say, "The Lotan is a ship that is so slow, you will likely decide to eject from the air lock without a spacesuit rather than fly it."
This ship looks sharp, and would seem to be the pinnacle of player trade ships. It appears to be something a Trader could really roll some goods with, but this ship is just too slow. I know it is not the slowest, but it certainly feels like it.
Having them in your automated fleet is fine, just don't let your pilots rank up enough to play the market and quit. If you can afford a Super TS, you probably are past the point of needing to fly them yourself. If you want a Super TS you can fly, go for the Drake.
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Wicked  •  1 year ago  •  Meme support added to the forum/comments
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Roguey  •  1 year ago  •  Dictator Yuri Grom
thanks for pointing out that I had the wrong video linked. I need to create a video for yuri's reward Smile
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KingRider  •  1 year ago  •  Dictator Yuri Grom
Video wrong? what rewards with yuri!
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Sinxar  •  1 year ago  •  Imperial Clipper
I used it for mining for some time. It's OK for this but the lack of internals hurts it.
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gogath  •  1 year ago  •  Imperial Clipper
hmm exploring ?,,trying to find a use for this ship cos i love it so much, with a engineered 40 lys its exploring in style if not range

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gogath  •  1 year ago  •  Federal Corvette
seems to be as good as i can get it so far to carry cargo and deal with interdictions from pesky pirates

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