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dinasi89  •  2 years ago  •  Xeno Scanner
Xeno scanner not sold any more? Click ‘where to buy’, 50ly, and can’t be found.
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wulimaster  •  2 years ago  •  X4 (Home)
thanks for all the great info!! keep it up Big grin
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MacRaven  •  2 years ago  •  X4 (Home)
Keep up the good work on the X4 stuff it looks really great
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Juggernaut93  •  2 years ago  •  X4 (Home)
> "When docking your engine speed is limited but you can still use boost to move faster - this seem a bit wrong"

I think the boost in docking areas was actually a request from users that got implemented afterwards. The speed is limited for your convenience to avoid accidents, but you can use boost especially to go away faster.

> "Boost-speeds are too high and eat through shields way too quickly - lower boost speed and reduce shield usage"

This very much depends on the type of engine. With combat engines you should be able to boost for a lot more time than other engine versions. On my Perseus I can boost for almost 10 seconds or so.

Also, after you will get used to the flight mechanics, you will learn how to play with travel mode, boost, flight assist and so on to optimize your "flight efficiency" Wink

I see some other points have been addressed by other users below, so I'll skip on them.
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Roguey  •  2 years ago  •  X4 (Home)
hi there, well the weapon section is online - but im not sure how correct it is atm.

I dont know anything about aqueducts yet Smile

as for the ships, all ships listed have their own faction all-round mk1 engine and thrusters installed. So all Argon ships have Argon thrusters/engines, Teldia ships have Teladi thrusters/engines, and so on.
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Enkar  •  2 years ago  •  X4 (Home)
I agree whole-heartedly with Kane, X3 sure was the shit but in terms of UX/UI it's a nightnmare, and without roguey's to get your informations it'd be even worse. Now obviously it's been developed with the same engine that they used for rebirth, so it's going to remind you of it quite a lot, but it's a good decision on their part to have done so, rebuilding a new engine would have been costly and time consuming,just as using x3's 20years old engine that has "UX? What is that?" printed on it's side would have been sheer madness.

Now what has probably happenned is that they hired an UX/UI designer/team to restructure everything and make it more user-friendly, as opposed to their first games where it's obviously a dev-designed UI (functionnal, but very complex and requiring a lot of "know-how-to"), that's how the business works nowadays, 15 years ago that was a niche job, now every digital company has to have one (which is the reason why every piece of software has become so much nicer to use in the last decade). Most particularly video game companies. And while rebirth felt like the combination of a lack of ressources and a UX team let a bit too much hands free had ruined the spirit of the game, so far i'm getting a much more positive vibe with X4, and feel like they found a lot more balance.
I hope you will too and manage to enjoy X4 mate.
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Noviath  •  2 years ago  •  X4 (Home)
Hey Roguey first of all thanks for all these site awesome work and welcome back Smile

Will you be covering the whole game? Maybe waepons?

And do you know anything about the aqueducts?

And lastly in the ships section you said all data from all-round mk1 engine and thrusters but all factions have different engines (thrusters the same) so the stats are different. I don't know if you noticed but wanted to point out Smile
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Danya  •  2 years ago  •  X4 (Home)
I can help with three of your concerns:

1: The main plot starts by finding the data boxes on the hulls of space stations. Turn on scanner (SHIFT + 2) and slowly fly along the station hull. When you hear static, stop and look around for a small red 'ball' with sparks coming out of it. Fly toward it (don't run into it bc it might destroy the thing) and you'll get a COMM to press 'F'. That will either give you a perk (shown in a panel on the lower right) or kick off the mission by introducing you to Boso Ta, a Boron of all things!

2: The mission system is accessed through the map. A small orange icon appears on the stations in the map. Hover or click on them (i forget which) and the mission offer comes up. There's the usual X-stuff: give rides, deliver goods, kill things, etc.

Once you get enough Faction points you can get faction missions without looking around. From the map, choose mission manager and one of the tabs or buttons in there will let you see faction missions on offer. So far they've been a little better than the random ones.

3: Whenever you dock at stations visit the 'store' and purchase bandages, needles, and sedatives (most stations will only have 2 of these) and then go to the crafting station (so far always to the right of the vendor) and craft medical kits, then sell them to the vendor. You can easily score a million credits with ten or so transactions. From there its the usual X-grind. Autominers, autotraders, etc.

One thing I like is you can set ship behavior. I set my autominer to drop cargo if he's attacked by pirates. So far he's been attacked twice, dropped cargo, and escaped unharmed. It slows profitssss a little, but at least I don't have to replace the miner.

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Kane_Hart  •  2 years ago  •  X4 (Home)
No X Game will ever look / play like X3. X3 is gone and over. Their not going to remaster X3... X3 is a mess in controls. Spending an insane time learning and getting use to X4 and shortcuts I can say for sure X3 is really badly designed UI wise.
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Daff  •  2 years ago  •  X4 (Home)
Nothing like what i thought it would be, I was really hoping it would be a big jump up on X3AP, but sadly, it isnt and never will be, I cannot get on with the GUI, docking and interface, I did buy it, and sent it back, just don't like it at all. Ill be playing X3AP until X5 comes out, hoping that it will look and play like X3.
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Adjoint  •  2 years ago  •  X4 (Home)
Roguey, yesterday I got +10 with PAL and I became "Allied" with them (if I remember right). Maybe at tab "Factions" it would be good to change "Neutral (10)" to "Allied (10)" ? No idea what title I will get at 15 or 20.
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Kane_Hart  •  2 years ago  •  X4 (Home)
Sorry I take that back. Someone figured out more was able make a server with the client. They could not get the client to connect. They find hidden multiplayer screen, direct ip and the works.... Seems like Egosoft was going a lot bigger then we expected.

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