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Castor  •  2 years ago  •  Terran Katana
While it's not the best M6, it's certainly not the worst, contrary to opinion below.

- Price: low; this ship is one of the more affordable you can have, and that doesn't necessarily mean lower-quality building.
- Hull strength: low; there's a reason it's lower, and it's not just because of its price.
- Shield strength: high; it sports the second-highest shield rating of all M6s. Bad pilots stress that too much and end up eating into the hull. That's on you, not the ship. Pitting it against M7+ is cocky at best - same applies to all M6 units.
- Speed: average; it does the job.
- Turn rate: average; it does the job.
- Cargo space: average/below average. You mount fewer M/AMLs, but there's no good reason to have them on moving turrets, anyway. Keep them on the cockpit.

Now on top of that, it also happens to have a few more armament placements than most other M6 units. Again, it's not the best in that regard either, but it doesn't qualify as one of the worst - even if it does have limited choice when it comes to weapons.

Yes, you could very well grab yourself a Springblossom, the Terran M6 counterpart (frankly, using anything but the Hyperion Vanguard is a sin), and while Springblossom has two more weapon placements, it also has innately weaker weapon variants. The prototype M/AML and EMPC are both weaker than the revised ones used on most Terran ships. They're less specialised compared to commonwealth weapons, and they're better at all-rounder jobs. So, no, if you're after the armoured transport, the Springblossom is what you're after. Again, though - Hyperion Vanguard excels in almost every respect, so get that instead of either of these.

It's also not the worst-looking ship of its type, that much is true. Looks better than the flying sex toys that the Argon deploy everywhere.
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Castor  •  2 years ago  •  Terran Kyoto
Xenon I would like to have a word.
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Castor  •  2 years ago  •  Point Singularity Projector
Great damage potential, but that's the key thing—you have to make the shots count, and this is especially important while the weapon's fire rate is six per minute. That's hellishly slow.

This weapon is far outclassed by the equivalent Photon Pulse Cannon, and it's a real shame that Terran ships are limited to the use of PSP. I suggest modifying it's statistics if you're absolute on using Terran tech':

· Half the outgoing damage;
· double the rounds per minute or;
· Quarter the outgoing damage;
· Quadruple the outgoing rounds per minute.

This weapon would absolutely be fine if it wasn't so punishing for missed shots, although since the damage potential is nearly double that of the Photon Pulse Cannons, this is why it has such ridiculously low fire rate.
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Castor  •  2 years ago  •  Boron Angel
It doesn't look like much but as TPs go, this is the best. Defenses are 'meh', but we're talking about TPs - they're not fending anything off.
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Castor  •  2 years ago  •  Teladi Enhanced Kea
For those of you not interested in using the Guppy or Ariadne M7 carriers, but still in want of a trading craft to accompany your M7M, this is your best option. This Kea has the largest cargo bay of all M3s. While it's far from ideal as an actual freighter replacement, it does support heavier the plus is that it can certainly defend itself.
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Castor  •  2 years ago  •  Argon Auster Hauler
This would be the one to go for. Ships can't catch you if they're dead. More cargo space...more missiles.
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Castor  •  2 years ago  •  Teladi Tern
Teladi don't know their combat craft, but they certainly know how to make a good TS. Highly recommend.
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Castor  •  2 years ago  •  Xenon Q
Totally underwhelming to fight. When you get close enough the AI *will* set up for a head-on collision unless you strafe or turn out of the way, and that's practically its only play style when it comes to fighting with Qs. It'll open up its forward turrets as a distraction and go for the ram for the real damage-dealing blow.

Once you get over the ramming situation, Qs are extremely easy to fight against - even M3s can dart around them relatively unscathed. They have numerous blindspots located to the aft section so once they've failed their close-quarters assault, you can exploit their tendency to try to yaw to face you for another run - good news if you're in a far more agile craft. Keep behind it.

For these reasons I've seen no point in attempting to capture one, if its even possible. There are so many options for fending them off that they just don't pull their weight as an M7. It's a shame, really. Xenon are hyped up to be formidable fighters but the best I've seen so far is absent-minded, unco-ordinated fighters cruising lonely and capitals like Qs whose aggression is short-lived and easily manageable.
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Castor  •  2 years ago  •  ATF Mjollnir
Assuming the naming pattern of the ATF, Mjölnir is spelt wrong in-game and the ship can't pronounce it. It's a bit cringey to hear your targeting announce "ATF...muh-jollniiuuuh." Can't find a standalone mod to fully replace the ship's voice lines...
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Castor  •  2 years ago  •  ATF Valhalla
A Xenon I might be able to do some considerable damage to this, but I think any other M2 is going to get wiped pretty easily, head to head. Valhalla flies like your standard two-story family home, true, but it can mount a ridiculous set of weapons to cover almost all blindspots. Let's not forget it's huge fighter compliment, either. Don't kid yourself - this is an M1 carrier with heavier firepower than almost every other M2.

On the note of moving it, beware of shifting sectors - always use a jump beacon. It will collide with vanilla gates. AI friendlies seem to ignore its far larger collision boxes as well, so you'll more often see them divebombing the hull as if you're not really there. This ship is poorly implemented into the game, even though it was revised for AP, so fair warning.
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Castor  •  2 years ago  •  Argon Griffon Hauler
Couple of things about this ship that may not be readily apparent.

The shield capacity is atrociously low. There are M6 units with superior shields, so as far as a drone frigate goes, this is generally unacceptable.

The mounting for the cockpit view on this ship seems ot have been rushed, and as another user pointed out, this vessel doesn't seem to appear in the vanilla game until you script it in, and it honestly isn't worth it. It has substandard armaments, mediocre performance as a carrier, and can't take nearly as much beating as the alternatives - I highly recommend you give one of those a try and just give this one a miss.
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murderduck5000  •  2 years ago  •  viper mk4 (Ship build)
I like it. But it seems like more of a multi-role build than a combat build.

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