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BarrenEarth  •  1 year ago  •  X4 (Home)
Also wanted to tell you how sorry I am that you and several other high-profile modders/content makers have been thrust into the middle of the shitshow on Steam and the Forums.

I have seen more than a dozen people repeat the unconfirmed story that you, cycrow and LV are actively making mods for the game already and people should buy because you guys like it. I have tried to explain that (until just moments ago) you have not yet voiced an opinion and I was pretty sure you have not made plans to mod anything as of yet.
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BarrenEarth  •  1 year ago  •  X4 (Home)
I agree with most of your points. Solid game, game design is very good. However the GUI, bugs and the rebranded Rebirth graphics make me want to puke.
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Adjoint  •  1 year ago  •  X4 to release on the 30th of November
Hello Roguey. It is been a while Smile I remember discussing about Rebirth back in the old days Smile I don't mind paying the game even at its original price but I want this time to play the game and not become XML Specialist again .... I remember editing the XML file again and again so I can continue the story line or build the space station. Let's wait and see how it will go in the 1st days. If it wasn't X Rebirth's bad history I would have preordered it asap. No idea if there will be any special price for on Black Friday on Steam.
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MrHewitt  •  1 year ago  •  Terran Xperimental Shuttle
What the stats fail to mention is that this thing is a bit like the USS Voyager - it has perfect Plot Armour. Dump the shields, they are pointless. I have flown this thing into innumerable M1's, 2's, 6's and 8's as well as Stations of all kinds. They WILL blow up before you do, because this ship is essential to its plot.
Of course, that means that you only have it until you run it's plot through. However, there is nothing stopping you using it to amass a significant fortune and building stations and accruing a considerable armada before you continue the plotline...
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Java  •  1 year ago  •  X4 to release on the 30th of November
Hey Roguey! Pretty exciting huh? I think Egosoft learned their lesson and X4 will be just as fantastic as we all want it to be. I only hope that they have a lot of variety in their ships. I would be slightly upset if there were less ships than there were in X3AP. However, I understand that a lot more work goes into the new ships than the ones from previous games. Still, a man can hope. Glad to see that you're still taking care of your website, it used to be my bible, back when I was active in X3TC and X3AP
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Danya  •  1 year ago  •  X4 to release on the 30th of November
Roguey! I saw X4 is coming out soon and thought to myself, "I wonder if Roguey is going to be playing it?" After all, your mapping projects made the other X-Series games MUCH more enjoyable for me. I was sad when you announced you were done with Egosoft a few years ago, but I don't blame you. You were dead-on with Rebirth. Anyway, I just want to thank you again for all of your past work, and hopefully will see you busily charting away in X4!

Oh, and as for waiting. I'd suggest waiting for any X-game. I can't remember a single one that wasn't buggy and disappointing on release. Egosoft usually get's it right after a little more work. I can't imagine this one being different. I'd rather wait and love it than rush to disappointment.


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gogath  •  1 year ago  •  Federal Corvette
hmm guardian fsd booster dosnt push up fuel per jump still getting 4 jumps
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Kane_Hart  •  1 year ago  •  X4 to release on the 30th of November
Awesome thanks for clueing me in a bit. I have used your site many years ago I remember visiting it. I always love resources sites like this you don't get the same quality and most places anymore in like you do here. It's not just the quality it's the kind of old-school touch you get with it. It's like sort of the over done in the information scale of things which is really awesome.

I have to admit rebirth was quite hard to swallow for a while. I'm actually enjoying it quite a bit but then again I'm playing heavily modded for example one that adds more of a realistic economy as well as corporate wallets which of course in the end they'll all spend it and be fail. But it's a lot of fun. It's keeping me entertained at least till X4 comes out.

I've been keeping a close eye on X4. Honestly if it gave us the same feeling like the ships did in X Rebirth while piloting and offered us the features that they've shown us and they were quite decently I think I'm going to really enjoy X4 a lot. Already using mods like the bridge mod and rebirth sitting there commanding your Fleet on the mod that lets you have more of an RTS control of your map is quite amazing. I actually did this for fun today was on a big Xenon Mothership and I was just watching it pulverized everything in the fleet.

Anyways I hope things do work out honestly I think your a great person you do great content and honestly it might be worth just even requesting a press copy of X4 when it gets closer to release. You might not get it days before. But hopefully they'll give you a free copy and save you a few bucks and see that as a gesture of kindness.

Unfortunately sometimes egosoft has one hell of an ego and unfortunately sometimes we do the players have to just Overlook that. But their old ways have changed quite a bit there was a lot of things that used to drive me insane and it seems like they are trying at least to be better and more modernized LOL.

You have yourself a wonderful week I think I'm near the count limit here!
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Roguey  •  1 year ago  •  X4 to release on the 30th of November
hi there, thanks for your comments.

The video I created awhile back was about leaving the x-community, not all space games. After the video I moved onto creating content for Elite Dangerous. I did try and create a star-citizen site but that was hard to-do because its very hard to create content on a game which keeps getting delayed. I still work on the x-sites from time to time, as I dont want them to fall into disrepair. For most people it probably looks no difference (some of my recent work can be seen here, in this news post).

Ive talked to Egosoft a few months ago, and they were keen about rekindling my interest, but my recent contact didnt seem the same. Maybe they are just very busy trying to release the best X4 they can. However after XR it makes me some-what hesitate. I do hope X4 is a good game for everyone.
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Kane_Hart  •  1 year ago  •  X4 to release on the 30th of November
I noticed in 2014 you created a video about quitting X Games. I assume you've made a recent new video about quitting all space games? So far every single space game has been so disappointing I know rebirth had a really Rocky launch and it wasn't the best thing ever. But in the end they delivered something quite decently something more I enjoyed than 90% of other space games out there today on the market.

I'm really putting my faith in egosoft with X4 I believe they will make one of the best space games of all times. They look like they've learned a lot about UI design and other elements that people wanted for a very long time.

I got my worth out of rebirth even though there was a lot of issues at the beginning I didn't mind waiting and being patient.

I can tell you I've wasted more money in recent years another space games that promise the world and then never deliver. From no man Skies to Elite dangerous that doesn't even have any content.

I hope you're not going to let some issues in the past drag you down and destroy your connection and future with a game just because you've had some troubling issues in the past. That is your business and you're allowed to but sometimes is better to take the bigger side of a issue and just forgive and forget.

Nothing wrong with being cautious though. If you like to wait a couple months just to make sure the game works a bit better is less buggy excetera than watch other people play make a decision by that. You don't have to buy the greatest best thing out there. You don't have to have your fan site rocking the first day it could be 2 weeks could be 2 months it could be even two years and you can still make great content for a game that you would joy and love.
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Roguey  •  1 year ago  •  X4 to release on the 30th of November
thank-you very much Smile
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Barryk  •  1 year ago  •  X4 to release on the 30th of November
Your comments both critical and supportive were the reasons I invested in X2 and X3 and not rebirth. I thought your views and opinions were an honest assessment of the games and your walk throughs helped me enjoy the X experience. I understand your reluctance to buy into X4 on day one and will be holding off myself also until I've read the reviews. I hope it's good enough to invest c£50 as I'm really looking forward to an updated and modern X space game. Keep up the good reviews, I enjoy them and will hopefully look forward to your in-depth game reviews of X4.

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