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Kepler  •  2 years ago  •  Teladi Falcon Sentinel
Someone randomly sells ship at station comm. Look for money icon
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Kepler  •  2 years ago  •  Teladi Falcon Sentinel
It can even survive from the most dreadful and most staggering blow. BUT NOT TWO
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Kepler  •  2 years ago  •  Point Singularity Projector
You have to charge PSP shot if available. It is already powerful enough, but with enough or maximum charge, it gets extremely powerful. However turret pivot is locked during charging so pre-firing or predict-firing is necessary.
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Kepler  •  2 years ago  •  Argon Cerberus
Q is more of disposable warship than main battle ship, when you think about it. They keep spawn in and try to attrition you. Attrition after attrition you at some point have to retreat. It's like T-34 during world war 2.

I know you're not serious but also Q does not possess flak weaponry in general. I remember few having them so it's a random factor I guess. Flak is energy hungry weapon but it's impossible to evade, which attrition you harder than PPC 'cause you will surely dodge them slow bullets all.
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Kepler  •  2 years ago  •  Split Heavy Dragon
Well, that's true. You can imitate Acinonyx by ordering top turret to attack your target, but the cargo size is just mind blowing.
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Kepler  •  2 years ago  •  Boron Thresher
Note: Charging PPC is bad. It's just not efficient enough. Stick to rapidfire. And don't forget to keep fair distance(max PPC range), clean up fighters before enter head on 1v1 against capital. Thresher is uselessly large craft with poor anti-fighter armament(Energy hungry PPC + FAA + Boron common poor recharge rate).

I found out that Ion Cannon works well with Thresher. Fully charged 10 IC bullets almost exactly dissolve 4 GJ of shield. That's half the entire shield of most M2s right?! While fired raw, it instead deals 2.5 GJ of damage. I guess that's a fair trade for energy.
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Kepler  •  2 years ago  •  Split Tiger
Does it have to be this long really? I mean come on...
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Kepler  •  2 years ago  •  ATF Tyr
The ultimate broadside battleship!!! Everyone has great plan, until they get hit by 12 fully-charged PSP volley. Seriously it's a one hell of a station demolisher!
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Kepler  •  2 years ago  •  Pirate Brigantine
This was my first M2 I ever had. Saw 1 Brigantine at Mercenaries Rift, immediately called my Sirokos and boarded.

I really like the design. Some may dislike 'cause it looks clunky like all Teladi ships, but I call Teladi ships a flying dumpster. This is not!
However as cool as the design goes, performance does not catch up. 6 GJ on M2 means it has low endurance. It's still okay if recharge is high, which is not a case for Brig. Honestly I strongly not recommend to new players and players who are not used to evade bullet. Since 6 GJ means there's less room for mistake. By the way, AI-controlled M2 don't even try to evade at all. So in that case, stick to highly shielded M2.

I'm not gonna criticize all of its shortcomings because its just a free money bag floating in space. I mean, who would criticize about money bag has poor firepower? You can make easy 40M credit(as far as I remember) per Brig. Just keep an eye on pirate sector, if you don't wanna lose your rep from major races. You can easy board this with 20x 4-star marines(combat doesn't have to be 4-star. 3 would be enough I guess.)
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Kepler  •  2 years ago  •  Xenon I
I can't erase my comment? Eh... Look how childish I was 4 years ago. Yes this ship is another 'I Win' kind of ship, but it has more meaning than that. Because Xenon ship boarding is probably the hardest job in X3 only the Transport mission through Xenon sector seconds it, its like final boss of a game. When you ride it you're basically operating M2 with built-in M8 or M7 if you use Typhoon missile. Yeah it actually has 'missile barrage option' on its menu! Although you have to be careful as when you barrage Firestorms, the missiles can be shut down right after it leaves launch tube, detonating behind you and crippling yourself. So you may want to keep your eye on the launch tube option.
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Kepler  •  2 years ago  •  Argon Advanced Discoverer
It has weapon energy of vanguard, speed of raider, and 1 MJ more shield than any variant. Well, advanced is right, but Discoverer is Discoverer - you can't even arm PAC man. I keep it as trophy. In a blueprint form of course.
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Ngrasta  •  2 years ago  •  Argon Large Orbital Weapons Platform
Equipped with a Jumpdrive and commanded to jump into a system while you're oos allows the platform to take up a position near a gate without blocking it. Makes a perfect sector defense. Alternately a tractor beam can be used to position the platform at any location within a sector.

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