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Awoof07  •  2 years ago  •  Mel Brandon (Engineer)
Which engineering for thrusters will make them more maneuverable

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gertjanvdz  •  2 years ago  •  Xenon Sector 534 (X3)
also a gate at -127 0 0 (or so)
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gertjanvdz  •  2 years ago  •  Xenon Sector 534 (X3TC)
Gate on -127 0 0 (or close to it)
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ArmorUnit  •  2 years ago  •  Anaconda
Power of Supercruise asist and Advanced Docking computer is wrong. That things should be not plus but minus.
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solrac42  •  2 years ago  •  Advanced Docking Computer
I cannot find Advanced Docking Computers or even Standard Docking Computers at Li Qing Jao or Mars High as mentioned in where to buy in the Sol system
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Sinxar  •  2 years ago  •  The April update
I was really hoping for a new save slot myself. I bet that alone would bring a lot of people back to the game.
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Roguey  •  2 years ago  •  Python
hi there, in the April update extra internal slots were added. I am in the process of adding them to the site, and updating the stats.
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jlippo  •  2 years ago  •  Python
There are 11 Optional Internal compartments on the Python, and it can have 6A Shields
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Native  •  2 years ago  •  Type 7
Reactor Size is C5 and not C4
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Jinegev  •  2 years ago  •  Argon Notus Hauler
a fun litle ship with great firepower and mobility , good for beginners who want to hunt some pirates
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jlippo  •  2 years ago  •  Fer-de-lance
Error noted on FDL Internal Compartments, there should be 6 vice 5
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Rexx  •  2 years ago  •  Mamba
This build will have several mild Engineering tweaks, nothing more than level 3. I can get better than A level performance on the thrusters with a C level engineered build. Savings 10 mil. A mild tweak to the power unit and it will have more than enough to cover requirements. Same with the FSD.
Guns will have a mild tweak to Efficiency, probably level 2.

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