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 •  1 week ago  •  Xenon Q
These Q's appear to have a horrible habit of ramming an opponent if they are of similar calibre, regardless of how the fight is going, how long the fight has been going and what weapons are being used and how effectively. Very poor AI control for the Qs in an even match.
 •  1 week ago  •  Terran Lasertower
What the hell?!
 •  1 week ago  •  Paranid Zeus
Great, simple carrier. Caution the daft thick doorstop pylon on its underside.
 •  1 week ago  •  Terran #deca
I think the in-game description confirms that even Egosoft hadn't a clue why they made a giant space-vibrator.

It is extremely large, and thus difficult to pilot in any case. Combat is fine, if sluggish, but I can't get over the fact that this beast dwarfs even some stations. As expected, though, its titan volume is definitely a compensatory trade-off elsewhere; it can't use the bloody jump-gates.

The main mass of the ship *does* fit, but the daft pylon on its topside will get caught in every gate you try to fly it through. So, the important thing to remember with it, is if you script one in for regular play, load it up with energy cells and a jump-drive. Scout unknown sectors with another ship - as a carrier, the #Deca was designed to be accompanied by a fleet, anyway.

Movement aside, in player hands, it is potentially far more destructive than the likes of the Kha'ak Destroyer M2. It possesses more energy and replenishment, and can load the same weapons in greater volume. Gamma Kyons all-round! Forget missiles, though.
 •  1 week ago  •  Terran Kyoto
Even for an M2, this is a freaking nightmare to pilot. Be warned. It might look 'alright', but the viewpoint in the only useful position around the ship is ridiculous. Use third-person perspective in allied sectors or have Mantas ploughing into your hull left, right and centre.
 •  1 week ago  •  ATF Tyr
Was Valhalla not enough?
 •  1 week ago  •  ATF Skirnir
Another over-powered missile frigate whose abilities remain uncontested when you realise that a ship simply doesn't have enough turrets, energy or bullets for missile defense purposes. This one is likely the better (if not, best) of all missile frigates.
 •  1 week ago  •  ATF Aegir
Epic ship held down only by an odd design. Why the wing platforms? O,,o
 •  1 week ago  •  Starburst Shockwave Cannon
Though a bit of a power-drain, and therefore a weapon one would want to mount to, say, the pilot-controlled frontal cannons of an M7/M2, the SSCs are bloody spectacular. They have a nasty punch per shot on shielding, so bring some missiles with you to finish the heavier shit off and their projectile speed means you won't always have your cursor flying off your screen. Long-story-short - anything in range is in some real trouble.
 •  1 week ago  •  Wraith Missile
EXTREMELY powerful target-seeking swarm. Each single warhead is deadly on its own, but having eight hurling toward an unfortunate target within 50-odd kilometres is a sure-fire way to annihilate things. The warheads are given some safety in numbers, to boot. The only downside is the waiting of the fireworks. They're a brilliant addition to the heavier Terran ships that possess the cargo space to hold a sizeable amount (you'll want at least around a hundred) - bear in mind that each cluster is eight counts in volume. Use them in moderation, you won't often need to spam them.
 •  1 week ago  •  slocum (Ship build)
Perfect! This is just what I wanted for my first venture into the deep black. Is it named after Joshua Slocum?
 •  1 week ago  •  Split Python
No comments = everyone's away masturbating over this one's statistics.

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