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Hekkaryk  •  9 months ago  •  Diamondback Explorer
My Diamondback Explorer has more Optional Internal slots - namely 2 C4, 2 C3, 2 C2 and 1 C1 -_-"
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Craig35  •  9 months ago  •  Krait Phantom
Weapons G5 overcharged. Power Distributor is Weapons Focused + Cluster Capacitors. G5 Dirty Drives + Drag Drives. Power plant is G5 Armored + Monstered. Bi-Weave is G5 Thermal + Thermo Block. Shield Boosters are Resistance Augmented + Thermo Block x2 - Heavy Duty + Super Capacitors. Shield Cell Banks are G3 Specialized + Boss Cells.
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Spooner  •  9 months ago  •  Paranid Hyperion Vanguard
After years of reading about it and not having the desire or motive to actually steal one, I did. I thought that I would end up being kill on sight to most Paranids, but I only dropped a couple of ranks in rep, and soon made that back to max again after doing some missions for them.

What an amazing little ship, just fast enough (out the box) to be usable as a personal ship, with enough shields and weapons options to suit most gameplay styles. The missile options are great, and the ability to dock a couple of extra ships is also a huge bonus. My maxed out Kestrel is one, and an Ion D specced Venti is my other.

When I nicked my first one and took it to the HQ for re-engineering, I couldn't wait the two days to actually get my own one out of the gate, so I nicked another. Big grin

Then I went back and nicked an Agamemnon. I was soon back up to top rank with the Paranid though.

Now I've got 3 Vanguards in my space-armada.
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SKYDOG1  •  9 months ago  •  Comment on CMD SKYDOG1
I've been playing this game since 1984 in all its versions. It still drives me mad!
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Kepler  •  10 months ago  •  Paranid Hyperion Vanguard
Oh and... I don't encourage using the hangar to carry additional backup fighters. Unless you're very rich so you can throw out 2 Eclipses easily, 2 fighters only makes small difference. Taking advantage of extreme cargo space, I use many MKII drones, when I feels I'm in danger. MKII drones does not require pre-setting and maintenance, which is just adequate to a person like me - don't like managing much. When the fight is over, just order them to stop and ram at them to collect.
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Kepler  •  10 months ago  •  Paranid Hyperion Vanguard
I guess this is it. The ultimate form of personal warship. Of course M7 has more potential than M6 but it cannot dock to small stations. M3 has very strict limitation on both cargo space and firepower. You can do anything with this thing. 3 333 cargo space is just plain nonsense. Weapon energy, especially weapon recharge even outclasses some frigates. Turn speed is outworldly, 2 hangar that can be used at return ship mission, 1 GJ of shield which is considered to be high-end among other M6s, bat shit crazy turret coverage, just anything, any good adjectives goes to this beauty, to/in any aspect, better than any M6, end of story.

You can get them from Paranid space. Deploy advsats and watch for Hyperion patrolling around from time to time. I got one, armed all ISR to cockpit and PAC anywhere else. I wish I could install more accurate PRG to turrets. What could go wrong? Just a little more OPness to already OP wouldn't hurt the balance......
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Kepler  •  10 months ago  •  Paranid Hyperion Vanguard
For me, the design is exceptionally good for 'Paranid'. And... Why'd you used PAC? Even to Centaur 8x HEPT on cockpit can provide more than 30 seconds of sustained fire. To a M6 such like Hyperion, I would always choose ISR. HEPT also seems good choice, if one can continuously fire on a target. But weapon reactor of Hyperion looks its for something more heavier than HEPT.
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Kepler  •  10 months ago  •  Teladi Cormorant
After some research, I think I finally figured out how to operate Cormorant correctly. First, just look at the cargo capacity. 8 000 is quite large compared to other M7Cs. M7Cs are all called 'drone frigate', so it doesn't always mean they have to use fighter, they can release shit tons of MKII drones! While Guppy, Panther, and Ariadne is specialized at storing heavy deck planes, Macanna and Cormorant is specialized at 'just-release-all' drone projection rather than utilizing deck planes.
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Kepler  •  10 months ago  •  Paranid Agamemnon
To me, PSG is very difficult to use. Unless you're fighting absolutely alone, that huge area of effect can easily hit neutral ships by accident, become hostile, and eventually get killed by my turret, making the situation even more tiresome. Fighting alone seems only occur in Xenon sector. Since PSG is only the Paranid's advantage, I naturally do not prefer to use Paranid ships. Because if I don't use PSG then I'm wasting its advantage. Wierd and exotic design habit of Paranid only make me more uneasy to them.
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Kepler  •  10 months ago  •  Khaak Destroyer
It's really scary to confront. Mostly because the sound it makes when the beam hits my ship. Then there's an advantage to Khaak that they never misses target, so you need to be in hurry before it starts scratches on your armor plating.

I don't have any good feeling about this thing. Probably because I primarily drive M6 which is impossible to win this in pure firepower battle. Even in M7 it is still hard to beat. Our little friend missile is a great help, so don't enter combat without it if your ship is not an equal of its class...
And don't even think about deploying fighters onto this unless it's a cheap disposable kind of fighter...
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Kepler  •  10 months ago  •  Argon Boreas
Yay, purchase to win the game! AFAIK it was over 100 mil credit on OTAS shipyard.
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Kepler  •  10 months ago  •  Split Python
It's the buffs! Additional 2 GJ shield and much more guns to attach! But no available flak slot, nor accurate weapon slot like PRG means you don't dive into fighter swarm alone. What? EBC? It's a good flak alternative yes. However I personally don't like refilling ammos so that's not my case...

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