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GTA_Raven  •  4 months ago  •  blade1 (Ship build)
This is the ship of a gaming friend. Look at blade2 to see, how i improved it.
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GTA_Raven  •  4 months ago  •  cheap space explore collector (Ship build)
Well, half price but same functionality as the deep space explore collect design based on the ASP Explorer. It turns out, that the Dolphin is also a good base for a cheap long distance exploring and rare goods collecting ship.
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GTA_Raven  •  4 months ago  •  deep space explore collector (Ship build)
Designed as exploration ship to collect rare goods on planets and asteroids. I keept an eye on the pricing (3B refinery instead of expensive 3A) and it has a good jump range. Due the lack of a C4 slot i could only put a 3A Fuel Scoop, so filling up needs a bit more time comparing to my deep space dolphin. It also misses a Field Maintenance Unit, which would be handy on long trips.
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GTA_Raven  •  4 months ago  •  Diamondback Explorer
Just a try how much i can increase the range comparing to my deep space dolphin, but the win of 4.55 LY is bought with some drawbacks, like weaker shields, no maintenance unit, no cargo rack for passenger wishes and only economy class to get some people in. So i'm not gonna build this one.
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GTA_Raven  •  4 months ago  •  deep space dolphin (Ship build)
My Dolphin has a +20% FSD boost, so it jumps in fact over 31 LY. Designed for long passenger trips like 8'000 LY or more and doing some exploration along the way. It has good jump range for a fully equipped Dolphin with a passenger cabin. It uses 12.95 MW of the available 13.00 MW power. I like this little ship. It gives you a fast return on investment.
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jack23011  •  4 months ago  •  Python Multi-role (Ship build)
Pretty close to my own build. I have been flying for a long time and used this site for about as long but never paid attention to this section. I see the poster that gave you some lip had comments removed. Overall, I find the ED community helpful and generally positive in the criticism offered but every so often you get the aberration. I used my Python for a long time and then decided to fly passengers in a Dolphin just to break things up for awhile and was checking out other builds and saw yours. You know, if it meets your needs and flight/play style--go for it. If you get the chance to move on to Horizons, go for it. I took a break from ED for a little over a year due to an eye injury and I can say I am really amazed at the vast improvements. All the major headaches and issues with engineers seem to have been worked out for the most part and the idea of multicrew and onboard fighters is amazing to see. Any way, long-winded way of saying good job. See you around the galaxy.
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VerboseCommenter  •  4 months ago  •  Terran Tokyo
Genuinely, the first one of these I saw had a pilot under the name Aron Fisty. Seems legit'.
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VerboseCommenter  •  4 months ago  •  ATF Vali
Underused, underappreciated.
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Karmor  •  4 months ago  •  combat for days (Ship build)
Somehow this build doesn't work, having tried it in game (PS4) every time I deploy weapons it powers down. I don't know if I'm missing something but after scratching my head over this I decided to add the numbers up myself and it doesn't add up. All the modules add up to 18.05 MW (rounded up on this site to 18.1), when the weapons are deployed it only deactivates the cargo hatch and the FSD which is 0.6 + 0.45, so when deployed it actually requires 17MW and not the 15.6 it states on this website, so what's going on here, how do I fix this?

Edit: Making the same build on a different website it reflects the problems I'm having:

Has the game changed at all since? I'm new to it and I don't know if I'm doing something wrong.
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gogath  •  4 months ago  •  Python
can carry cargo land on outposts and defend itself plus res

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gogath  •  4 months ago  •  Anaconda
a compromise between capacity and defense/offence not bad in res ether ,engineers helped with jump range 28 ly and improved top speed
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slinkyjosh  •  4 months ago  •  deadhead asp cargo build (Ship build)
This is the only purpose built asp trader I've seen in here

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