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 •  1 week ago  •  Terran Katana
Another under-rated ship because it looks too bloody normal for anyone to take that much of an interest in. The cargo space is phenomen-normal. The weapons selection is Terraria as per usual, if not for being slightly more adventurous for us Earthies, and the manoeuvrability is negligible. It's one downside is the full-on NASA look that some of the better Terran vessels have sporting.
 •  1 week ago  •  Argon Truelight Seeker
M3 dressed up as an M6. Way to go, space-Bible-huggers.
 •  1 week ago  •  Khaak Corvette
I've got it. I finally understand: the Kha'ak's design inspiration is crystal meth'.
 •  1 week ago  •  Boron Thresher
Easily one of the strongest gunships around, and I would say one of the prettier ones. I have several patrolling my sector. However, if you'd like a slightly beefier gunship, try the Paranid Agamemnon M7, which is of similar calibre albeit with less weapons choice and slower agility.
 •  1 week ago  •  Teladi Tern Sentinel
Everybody seems to ignore all the Teladi ships because they look like a stick-insect space-orgy, but look at that weapons selection.
 •  1 week ago  •  Argon Sirokos
 •  1 week ago  •  Argon Griffon Hauler
"So, I was thinking we should give the Centaur some panels, more pylons and bicycle stands for that gunship oomph-"
 •  1 week ago  •  Boron Kraken
End. Game.
 •  1 week ago  •  Argon Minotaur
I've come to realise that whoever designed the vast majority of mid-sized Argon vessels and counterpart faction copies must have had dildos on the mind. They all look the same.
 •  1 week ago  •  Teladi Gannet
You know what's great about all Teladi ships? The lack of aesthetic bullshit. They're all fugly in that respectfully beautiful way. They're the descriptions on their tins.
 •  1 week ago  •  Split Cobra
As with all missile frigates, entirely end-game and possessing only one real weakness - coming up against another well-piloted missile frigate. There should have been additional counters for ships like these - the M8s are understandable, being weak and heavily reliant on the escape and all, but with practically any missile frigate, one can float discretely through any sector spamming the fire button without a care for the couple of titans trying their best to tail them.
 •  1 week ago  •  Split Enhanced Jaguar
A particularly ugly and weak M5. My advice? Look at another faction...

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