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 •  2 weeks ago  •  Yaki Hoshi
Grabbed one because Hoshi is the dayuuuuuum guuuurl-est chick in Star Trek and you all know it - and yes, sexier than T'Pol.

The ship isn't as pretty to gawk at, though, unfortunately.
 •  2 weeks ago  •  Argon Medium Orbital Weapons Platform
I spawned these in using the script engine, not using the mod' at the minute. I've taken up residence in Olmancketslat's Treaty (north of Brennan's Triumph, south of Bala Gi's Joy), which I am led to believe is supposed to be some sort of movement route for daring traders, weapons dealers and more notably pirates. I wiped out the groups that seemed to inhabit the area and noticed that every so often a new group of pirates would appear at either gate to attack whatever property that I'd left in it - so I originally went stumbling for lasertowers.

Then, of course, I discovered that the weapons platforms can be spawned in as a type of ship at specific co-ordinates, or for tractoring to location. I'm not sure how the game's AI works (or in some cases, doesn't, *ahem*), but as soon as I placed one in the sector, hostile factions simply haven't dared to come in. It could be coincidence, but I like to think that word passed out by friendly factions shook some boots.

Long story short - I have NO idea how effective they are. I'll update when I find out...even if it means spawning an enemy fleet in. >:] Note: all equipped with Tornado missiles, full relevant shielding and full Incendiary Bomb Launchers.

Update: they work. So much so that the Argon faction has built two stations in my sector, now.
 •  2 weeks ago  •  Terran Freight Drone
I spawned a couple for my Deimos to increase its application in the X universe, being unable to hang a normal TS/P freighter. They're fast and efficient until combat involves them. When that happens, you can gather how well it goes for them.
 •  2 weeks ago  •  Boron Megalodon
I know a lot of you here might not want to be scripting your way through the universe, but if this ship is far too slow for you to want, then perhaps issuing an over-tune would help you choose it. It can only be given up to six tunings on the engine (speed; not strictly acceleration) and rudder (yaw and pitch; not strictly roll), so using the 'install' script command will let you increase the maximum of either at your own discretion. Here's an example for a standard over-tune script to select a target object upon running it;

001 = [THIS] install 30 units of Engine Tuning
002 = [THIS] install 20 units of Rudder Optimisation
003 return, null
<New Line>

As far as I know, using the 'add' script won't have the same effect - only adding the total you specify in the command, but installing the maximum for the object...which is six a-piece. For those of you who have never done this before, try not to go overboard with the numbers - or forget about the AI driving your experimental ship. 30 should just about double its total engine and rudder performances (or just under), and I think anything beyond it will quickly start to feel unrealistically over-powered. You might even call it a day for 20 specifications of rudder optimisations.
 •  2 weeks ago  •  Argon Titan
I've seen a lot of X3ers mentioning their usage of the Titan, but oddly, nobody called it here. Ah, well.

Don't kid yourself - this'll flatten most objects that stand up to it, unless of course you're playing in X - Reunion, in which case, you'll eventually notice that during your indiscriminate barrage of Titans being launched against Argon Prime, they are stopped by Argon One. Argon One is indestructible, and I couldn't find a patch or work out how to stop that without deleting the bastard full-stop. Grab Terran Conflict or Albion Prelude - it's no longer invincible.

Remember this - a properly outfitted Titan is end-game. More than two Titans is end-game.
 •  2 weeks ago  •  ATF Valhalla
The word 'ridiculous' doesn't seem to have meant anything to the ATF, who were obviously hell-bent on watching the world burn.
 •  2 weeks ago  •  Goner Aran
"...the Aran is a great asset to the Goners" termed loosely, of course. It is a space-worthy brick of sorts, being outfitted with no armaments - which I find a ridiculous concept where religion is concerned.


Only joking. It doens't have any guns.
 •  2 weeks ago  •  Boron Ray
Have you ever been chased by one in a hull-damaged M3/4/5? It's bloody scary.
 •  2 weeks ago  •  Shared AP Gunner
For anyone visiting this recently of me commenting;

Yes, this is the one other M6 ship in the game that is supposed to sport some form of hangar, but no it doesn't work. The Hyperion Vanguard (Paranid) is the only other M6 capable of carrying other smaller fighters, and in my opinion, the best M6 going for its spectacular array of applications (including in combat).
 •  2 weeks ago  •  Paranid Hyperion Vanguard
As late a comment as mine is, here goes;

Statistically and practically, this is the best M6, period. It is everything you would expect of a fairly strong M6 (one would go as far as suggesting that it is an M6+ in its own right) without being over-powered or ridiculous. It can carry two M5/4/3 fighters, to boot. It's a miniature carrier/heavy fighter *with its own personal fighters*.

I outfitted one with all Particle Accelerator Cannons and waltzed in on Brennan's Triumph. Though the various tougher battleships that spawned almost moments after my initial strikes proved a little too much for it to handle alone, my Vanguard made short work of everything else in the sector - and I'm not talking one at a time, either. I made a mistake in my first strikes that resulted in aggravating more than one battle-group chasing me down. Despite that, I was able to obliterate every ship that dared to make attack runs on me.

The trick with it is to forget about the carrier ability during combat. Launch the fighters you might dock if you will for aid, but keep playing the Hyperion as a fighter. Dogfight carefully enough (doing the usual strafing and whatnot), and you will quickly find that it will make short work of ships smaller than it - perhaps even a few slightly larger than it.

The Hyperion loses out in only one area for me and that is aesthetically, it is fugly - period. Everything else for me is either acceptably mediocre for a heavy fighter or exceptional for a heavy fighter.
 •  2 weeks ago  •  Terran Maccana
It's a great little runner, although if anything it just feels a lot like paper sometimes. Like the Boron Guppy M7(C), it's a good starting carrier if you can grab it (don't go out of your way to start with it though), but I'd imagine later on in the game it'll just get wiped out too quickly on its own to be considered a worthwhile explorer - even with a fitting of powerful guardian fighters. Moreover, the Guppy has better hangar space as well as the ability to cage up a TS/P (freighter) ship, which this carrier does not.

My biggest dig on the Maccana is the two-pronged front end. Speaking lore-wise, what race in their right mind would manufacture a ship whose primary function is to carry things with a massive chunk of worthy space taken straight from its centre? It doesn't make sense, and correct me if I'm wrong, but the entire Terran design scheme for all craft doesn't appear to be as concerned with aesthetics as much as, say, Boron or Paranid vessels...meaning this carrier would seem to be something of an outlier in that respect. Functionally, the design doesn't help much, by giving additional hazards for docking ships while on the move. Whereas many moving carriers that roll or even turn while a ship is docking in them can get away without destroying said docker, moving any way but forward or backward with the Maccana is a death-sentence for any fighter in the middle.

As others have said, too, the weapons seem sub-standard for a ship of its class. This is what really lets down the ship's ability to survive, in my opinion. I think that all things considered, perhaps Egosoft should have bestowed the Maccana with some more shielding or hull strength to compensate for its losses elsewhere.
 •  2 weeks ago  •  Paranid Hades
I used one and immediately discovered why M8s are not normally dock-able on any carriers without mod's.

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