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BioProof  •  5 months ago  •  type-10 ltd mining (Ship build)
Looking for opinions if this would be a good low temperature diamond mining build for type-10
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waTTana  •  5 months ago  •  Plasma Accelerator (Fixed)
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leinardi  •  5 months ago  •  X4 (Home)
I come here exactly to ask this, please add support the new Split Vendetta DLC!
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Spirus  •  5 months ago  •  Unknown Sector (X3)
Isn't this sector called Duke's Citadel in game?
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TStew  •  6 months ago  •  phantom exp (Ship build)
Build in Li-Yong Rui space for discount!
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orionmonk  •  7 months ago  •  Split Chimera
Hey guys/gals.

This ship is my favourite by far, so let me tell you why. The first thing that a pilot will notice with this M3+ is the massive weapon energy bank(8750) and generation rate(218). This baby can fire forever compared to any other M3/M3+. My optimal loadout is 4 HEPT + 4 PAC(I fire them all simultaneously, no problems with energy or hitting targets despite velocity difference) and PACs for the turrets. The reason why I believe that PACs are the best M3 turret weapon is that the size of the PAC bullet is massive compared to the PRG bullet and the range is twice that of PBE not to mention the massive energy savings. Initially I went with this loadout because I really dislike having to worry about restocking ammo. I soon realized that this loadout was beast mode incarnate.

Some might think that the 75MJ shield capacity is a weakness but given the fact that it regenerates at 100% (111 seconds to regen 75MJ), you do not have to worry unless you take on way too many enemies at the same time or get within 1km of enemies with PBGs. The things that can kill you fast are powerful missiles and Plasma Burst Generators(PBG). I use the mosquito missile defence and always have 22 mosquitos ready on my Chimera. I set my turrets to PROTECT SHIP and it works well because they won't fire on red targets that haven't attacked me yet which minimizes unnecessary engagements.

If that wasn't enough, the cargo capacity for this amazing M3+ is 300. Load it out anyway you want but if you went with my suggestion, you have a ton of space for missiles and energy for jumping. My usual loadout is 22 mosquitos, 22 wasp, 22 silkworm and 6 thunderbolt, 100 energy cells. With this loadout I can deal with anything multiple times and if I'm nervous about my situation, I can always jump. The most useful skill to learn is when to jump.
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Roguey  •  7 months ago  •  Imperial Cutter
The Hatch Breaker?
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KikiPitts  •  7 months ago  •  Imperial Cutter
Where the heck is the cargo hatch control on the Cutter?

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Draitha70  •  8 months ago  •  Construction Vessel
Never mind. Welder drones are what Construction Drones used to be called.
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Draitha70  •  8 months ago  •  Construction Vessel
Where do I get welder drones? My station is asking for 5 of them so it can finish integrating the construction vessel...
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Daveskie69  •  8 months ago  •  Python
Why does my Python show 11 Optional Internal slots when I always see others with only 10?
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DrPillman  •  8 months ago  •  Type 7
Some trouble with the chart. Power Coupling is C4, not C3. installing a 3D shield with 0A booster in utility results in 78,2 shield strength on empty ship, not zero as reported. The "Hauling Gamble" build ingame (with 4D power coupling) has 15.47/24.6/26.03ly jump ramges at 500.6/ 796.1/945 t mass and 11,36MW power usage, resulting in 185/308ms top speeds

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