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edqe  •  2 months ago  •  The X4 presentation
I really liked what they showed and talked. X Rebirth pushed economy a step forward from X3 and X4 seems to push it even further - more depth the better.
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edqe  •  5 months ago  •  The Thargoids have returned
"Now might be a good idea to get that trading done before they arrive!"

Are Thargoids going to be all around the universe or only in separate combat zones?
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edqe  •  9 months ago  •  Cmd creator, camera suite and mega-ships
The upcoming 2.3 update seems to have some small nice additions but maybe not that much for players who likes to play alone. I'm glad some of the new features could help them implement "space legs" in near future.
I'm not a fan of "telepresence" or a 3rd person view of a gunner they showed in second live stream. Character models and animations doesn't look very good but still good enough.
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edqe  •  11 months ago  •  Egosoft announce X4 is in development
Good to see finally some communication but hopefully there will be much more and much more frequently. It is also excellent news that they have chose Vulkan for their next engine.

Otherwise there doesn't seem to be much new information other than VR-version and confirmation the next game is going to be X4 and not X Rebirth 2.

I think Egosoft should have spend more time making sure X Rebirth wasn't suppose to be X4 but a different kind of X-game. They tried to explain that but the message still didn't go through.

The community didn't seem to be strong in the first place because one release could bring it down although bad communication didn't help the situation either.
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edqe  •  2 years ago  •  1.4 released - CQC, 3 ships
It has been about a year since I played Elite: Dangerous last time. I was quite badly disappointed how the game was and to me it looks like with after all these versions it has not improved a lot. But let's see, I will install it soon again and give it a new try.

Unfortunately the planetary landing screenshots are not very promising either but of course I can't judge only according to couple of pictures.

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edqe  •  2 years ago  •  New expansion - Horizons
Just wondering if this expansion gives advantage to those who owns it over those who doesn't.
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edqe  •  2 years ago  •  Steam keys
Great addition. I hope this step gets Elite: Dangerous more close to SteamOS in future.
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edqe  •  2 years ago  •  Change of game-modes required
I don't know what would be the best way to make sure things doesn't go ugly but I share your concern about Pirate groups and how console support may effect the game.

Lots of E:D gamers seems to very disappointed and have some concern about the future of the game. It could be possible that supporting console already could be a cold and necessary financial decision.
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edqe  •  2 years ago  •  Elite coming to Xbox One
Elite: Dangerous seems to be timed exclusive and will be available for PS4 later - https://twitter.com/DavidBraben/status/573505047008444416

Just wondering if they have plans for Linux.
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edqe  •  2 years ago  •  Elite coming to Xbox One
Depending on genre of the game I'm generally more than fine when games are being released for multiple platforms; more money for developers and more games for gamers to play.

In this case I'm disappointed. If the news is true that this is Xbox One exclusive, I'm very disappointed that Frontier Developments made that decision. I think it is OK if some game is exclusive because of hardware capabilities or so but when business men makes the decision it just plain awful.

The other thing is that the game is developed in terms of consoles capabilities as well. APUs has still _very_ weak CPUs compared what we have on PC. If new ideas would require powerful CPU - no-go. UI can't be complex since the game has to be playable with a gamepad. All this has affects how complex the gameplay can be.

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