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gbjbaanb  •  11 months ago  •  Egosoft announce X4 is in development
Frankly, I wouldn't worry about coming back to the X3 thing, only stupid people would be unhappy to see you, and we don't care what they think!

Like the prodigal son, I would say you'd be welcomed back with open arms. Rebirth affected a lot of us badly, I recall being so excited I was almost sick - it was hyped up so much, so very very much, as the next big thing, and we all took the hints and dreams from egosoft to heart so much that when Rebirth was unveiled, it was like some sort of sick joke.

Nobody would blame any of us for being so utterly disappointed. So now they're making good, well, fine - I will not hold a grudge against them and will hope that they pull it out of the hat. So come back and see what happens. Your contributions were awesome to X3.

Still, more realistic expectations until they deliver, but I am hopeful.

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