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AlexTorres  •  11 months ago  •  Egosoft announce X4 is in development
Since I'm not a higher up in the community, I'm still a little unclear as to the specifics that drove you away. All I can say is you're missed and we'd be excited to have you back to your good ole days level of involvement. Your site's a huge resource and your input has benefited the X games immensely. I'm VERY excited about an X4 game, and I think part of the reason that's happening is because Egosoft realized that as much as they may want to go in a different direction with a game, that game's success will still depend on the community that supports it.

Especially now with ever growing competition in the space sim genre, I just don't think Egosoft can pull off competing with games like Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen (whenever that finally releases properly) if they continue in the Rebirth direction. The X games are the most unique, fun, and addicting games I've ever played, and as much as I respect Egosoft branching out, the community's going to be their strength in recovering from the negative perception that came from Rebirth.

I respect the stand you took for the community when you decided to leave it. As much as it made me sad, sometimes it takes a big move like that to show people that a change has to be made. Hopefully there's enough of a change to inspire you to come back and be part of said change.

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