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Its been a while since new content came for AP now and it still could do with some additional content, which is why I (Ketraar) have started this project. But unlike other occasion I don’t want to go lone-wolf on this and rather have it done in the spirit of a Community Project, similar to the A New Home project for X3:Terran Conflict back in the day. So here I am, calling out for you, asking you to join in this hopefully great fun of creating content.

Egosoft thread: AP Community Project,
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Created on Sunday 14th October 2012,
Leader: Ketraar,
Bitmask id: 2.


Bullwinkle avatar Bullwinkle
8 Stickguey (8)
Dillpickle avatar Dillpickle
8 Stickguey (8)
eldyranx3 avatar eldyranx3
5 Tropguey (5)
4 Rookiguey (4)
Hammerit avatar Hammerit
8 Stickguey (8)
jack775544 avatar jack775544
7 Skillguey (7)
Ketraar avatar Ketraar
6 Fightguey (6)
No avatar Killerog
4 Rookiguey (4)
No avatar KNC
5 Tropguey (5)
ktide avatar ktide
7 Skillguey (7)
Roguey avatar Roguey
22 Trueguey (22)
Rover avatar Rover
6 Fightguey (6)
No avatar UFeindschiff
5 Tropguey (5)
Umbru avatar Umbru
6 Fightguey (6)
whitelion1284 avatar whitelion1284
5 Tropguey (5)
X2-Illuminatus avatar X2-Illuminatus
10 Markoguey (10)
No avatar _KJ_
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