Account and members FAQ's



Q: Why do I need to register?
You do not need to register on this site but to use some of the more advanced features you will need to, such as the forum, comments, voting etc. I have tried to keep registering as simple as possible with 3 steps:

Registering steps

Q: I tried to register but had a error
If something went wrong, please contact me (details here). I will then look into this for you.

My account

Q: I made account but what do I now?
Once you have created an account and confirmed your email, you can log-on (on the right).
You can only log-in once you have confirmed your email address. If you registerd with Facebook, then you can log-in immediately (no email is sent).

Q: Which is better, registering with Facebook or using my system?
Use whichever is easier for you. Facebook registrars may wish to change their username, which can be done any-time.
My system does require a email to be received (most email networks should get it without a problem).

Q: A had no email
If the email did not turn up, then please check your spam/junk folders just encase. You can request a new email after 1 day. You can contact me if your having any problems with the email. Facebook registrars do not need a email (but may have a filtered username).

Q: I forgotten my password, d'oh!
Please see here.

Q: I cant find my account?!?
All account names go through a filter which may change the username slightly. This is to filter out foreign letters (and spaces) from the name. Have a search in the user list to find out how your username has been filtered.

Q: I keep getting logged out, why?
If you move to different parts of the site (forum, x2, x3, x3tc, console) then you will need to log in for each section. This is normal because the cookie cant be shared across sub-domains. Potentially your browser thinks that these are different sites.

However... if you are having other problems let me know.

Q: My account has disappeared
Accounts with no activity will be deleted every so often (ie. level 0)...
Otherwise check the user list for spelling (may of changed during filtering).

Q: Ive been banned, why?
If you feel that your have been banned unfairly, please let me know. Bans are very rare!

Levels and rewards

Q: What are levels?
When you do stuff on the site (reply on the forum, post a comment etc.) you will gain experience. When you reach certain amount of experience you will gain a level. For each level you gain you will unlock a new feature.

Dancing chicken

Q: How do I increase my experience?
By posting content to the site and that.

Q: Ive posted content and not gain any experience
Your experience will update daily and isnt calculated immediately.


Q: Something went wrong, please help!
Please contact me (details here). I will and help you as much as possible.