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PuppyOfWar  •  5 years ago
Pertaining to capturing ships I'd like to add that the hull percentage you need to get down to is actually exactly 87.5%, and that M1's are never capturable. Additionally, its worth noting that the Xenon M2's are only capturable after achieving rank ace of aces 1st, and only in the Xenon taxi missions. M6's are *occasionally* caturable in assassin/bounty hunter missions, but its like each one has a flag as to whether or not it can EVER be captured, and most can't, whereas other ships can always be captured given enough time. These M6's can also occasionally be overtuned, leading to collections of unique M6's for players far into the game.

Overtuned orinocos and boron rays (for Xenon K's) deserve mention as useful tools for capturing.