X2 Races


Argon The Argon people are believed to be the descends of that of the Earth people, many years ago. Many years ago the AP Sorja 44 (AP Gunner) crashed landed, ever since the Argon have been battling the Xenon. A fews ago years a ship believed to be from Earth piloted by the captain Brennan, jumped across the galaxy without the use of a jumpgate. Many Argon's dont belive Brennan was from earth, however he helped in the final battle against the Xenon and then built the company Teracorp to fund his research on going back to Earth and into drive technology, this is where the jumpdrive comes from.

Argon ships very reversible but not being good or bad at anything.


Boron The Boron are a friendly species who live primarily under the sea. Their ships must be able to travel under the sea and also into space where awaiting factories supply them with resources. The Boron consider everyone an friend and will not attack automatically.

Teracorp are working with the Boron creature named Mi-Ton to create a drive which will work under and in space on other ships than that of the Boron.


Paranid The correctly called Paranid, are simply paranoid of everyone including their own race. In order even to dock with one of their stations pilots have to show good will to them.

Paranid are known for their advance technology however the same cant be said about thier hospitality.

Paranid ships are fast, powerful and deadly, and even cheap in the case of the Paranid Hercules (TL).


Pirates The Pirates are made of all the other species who don't want to conform to that of the 'standard' way of doing things. The Pirates are believed that their ships are created by the Teladi, were the Orinoco (M3) have an similar design of the Teladi Falcon (M3).

Pirate ships are normally always armed and will attack anyone that don't agree with. Often they will attack to take cargo. The Pirates don't care so much about losing some cargo space for the gun mounts on their ships. It is luckily that the Pirates don't have any M1/M2/M6 ships to use!


Split The split are a warrior race who would rather fight and lose, than to die a coward death. This makes them very wearily of new people visiting their space, and to even dock with one of their station you need to show them a little good will. Their ships also follow the simpler design, where normally split ships have more guns than shielding. However this isn't always true such like the Python, M1 ship where only 17 guns are fitted than the normal 18. On a whole split ships are quite fast, making get to their target quicker than the other species.


Teladi If the Teladi could, they would sell their grandmothers for some profit. Teladi are well known for doing anything if it makes them a profit. One thing that the Teladi do is make ships for the pirates on which they make large profits.

Teladi ships however normally have bigger cargo bays for making extra profit, however the Teladi haven't forgot to arm their larger M1/M2/M6 ships with loads of fire-power and shield, however the speed of the ships is generaly lower.


Xenon The Xenon are an product of man's creation which returned on their masters. Xenon's were used to convert planets into livable places for humans to live on. Jumpgates were built to transport human and Xenon ships far across the galaxy. However after some years, the Xenon developed an problem in their programming and they turned on their human masters and a large battle was fort. One captain took it on himself to draw them away from Earth in his ship named 'AP-Sorja 44' aka AP Gunner. So the captian got the Xenon to follow him though an jumpgate and blew it up just after they arrived. This jumpgate was the only gate back to Earth, trapping them in this area of space (the jumpgate can be found in middle of Brennan's Triumph in X2).

The captain of the AP Gunner crashed landed. It is believed that the Argon people are descends of that of the Earth people. However much has been forgotten over the years.

After the last Xenon war with the Argon - which nearly cost the Argon's their homeland, the Xenon have been losing battles after battles. The biggest blow to the Xenon was the battle being lost by the Xenon in the sector Brennan Triumph were a guy called Brennan destroyed one of the Xenon main ships.

Xenon ships are still to this day deadly, so only attack when you have enough firepower.