Little update on my mod

Monday 8th August, 2005 Comments 0 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
I have been working very hard on this mod for X2 and since the last news post I have found how to create new ships for X2. I am in the process of re-designing many of the X2 ships as a lot of them needed work. So far I have redesigned the Xenon L, Goner Ship and Pirate ship. I have also edited model like the Boron Hydra and Split Mamba to include more turrets/guns.
However all this work to design new ships will make the mod longer to make. I hope like myself an new ship design makes an big differences in a mod.
The Beams (PPC weapons) as also changed since last time from the standard Khaak beam to an custom made one which I have created. Three screen shots below have been updated as I don't feel they reflect the mod anymore. You may be able to notice in the screen shot at the bottom right the new Goner cruse ship - it looks something like an run-about ship in Star Trek and the new pirate ship at the bottom left screen shot. Anyway, if you wish to add your suggestions now's the time - login/register and use the commenting feature by clicking on the "0 comments" below. Thanks


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