Paranid Pegasus (M5)

Ship picture
This ship is the main fighter craft of the Paranid race, and the most common. It has a good speed and is armed with two front mounted laser. Constantly being updated, this ship also dates back to the earlier period of the Paranid Split war against the Boron.

Ship id 28
Price 45,442 credits
Engine speed 252 to 1,009.0m/s (x30 engine tunings)
Turn speed 95.33 to 190.67% (x10 rudder tunings)
Shields 3 x 1 MW Shield (3,000)
Hull strength 333 points
Cargo-bay 5 - 10 (S sized)
Where to buy
Weapon systems

2 x Cockpit
Gun Alpha Impulse Ray Emitter
Gun Beta Impulse Ray Emitter

Possible missiles
  • Mosquito
  • Wasp


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