Trading Tips

If you trade a lot in X3 then I may have a couple of tips to increase your profitssss.

Supply and Demand

Much like the real world, the price of a item is set by the supply and demand. If the item has a high quantity level (ie. 90% in-stock at that station) then the item will be very cheap. Equally when selling goods you need to look for a station which is rather low on that item. You must however always exclude trade docks as they only buy and sell at the average price. Trade docks are useful to sell goods as a last resort - basically if you cant find anywhere else to sell them. You can use 'Trade Docks' to buy items from, however they normally cut down your profit.

Trading extension upgrade

This extension allows you to check the prices and stock levels of any stations before you dock at it. This extension is a basic requirement for any trader as you can check stock levels and prices from space. You can find this extension available at any equipment dock for around 10,000cr, highly useful.

Best buys / sales

The "best buys" and "best sale price locator" are the biggest help in trading. These extensions will allow you to search for the best prices in the current sector. To use these extensions use keys "5" or "6" on your keyboard. When you do use one, move the highlight bar down to the item you are interested in (up and down arrow keys) and press "t" to select the station offering the best price. Once the station is selected you can use your auto-pilot to dock at that station with the best/lowest price (by pressing "U" in game). Both buy/sell extensions quote the price from the average price of a item. Say if you can get a item for 200 credit less than the average then sell it for 200 credits more than the average, you will make 400 credits per unit.

If you have the best buy/best sell extension, you can also use satellites to check prices in other sectors. You do this by selecting the satellite in your galaxy map, then press enter on it, then use the best buy/best sell.

Trade runs

Often the best way of trade is to work out an trade run. Often goods from different races are often out-of-stock, meaning the demand is high. You will need a jump-drive to make it cost efficient as you will need to cross a lot of sectors, quickly.


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