Custom starts

Selecting custom game on the main menu In this mod you will find new custom start positions. You can start any of them by going to New game then Custom Game on the main menu. Here is a list of the new start positions:

Goner start position

Difficulty: Easy,
Notes: None,

In the Goner start position, you start in the sector - Enlightenment, with a good amount of money, and 3 ships. You have fewer enemies to fight (including Xenon home ships). Your mission is to spread the word of the Goners.

Khaak start position

Difficulty: Very hard,
Notes: Small pause when starting,

Be the enemy of all the other races. In this start position you can build ships (your own HQ), buy any Khaak ship (Khaak shipyard) and upgrade them at the Khaak EQ dock. This is not a start position for beginners because you will need to steal and kill. You can build up your ships into a large fleet including your own Khaak M0!

Pirate start position

Difficulty: Hard,
Notes: Medium pause when starting,

In this start, you will be a full pirate. You can land on any pirate station and buy from the local pirate shipyards. Beg, steal, and kill - whatever you need to survive. Don't respect the other races to like you however!

Station owner start position

Difficulty: Medium,
Notes: You own a medium solar power plant,

You start with your own medium solar power plant but have more or less spent everything to get it. You are a small time Teladi trader wanting to hit the big time. The plant starts making its first batch as soon as you start. It all starts from somewhere!

Terran start position

Difficulty: Medium,
Notes: Terran ships are still "unknown objects" until you buy the Terran data,

You start in The sol system as a Terran pilot. You mission is to explore the new races and build up resources on behalf of the Terran Government. Your ratings are generally okay however the Paranid are not sure about you. Terran pilots are told to shoot down any Pirate or Yaki!

Yaki start position

Difficulty: Hard,
Note: Paranid hostile to all, Teladi/Split hate each other,

You start off in a Yaki ship; but learn that things have changed since your Yaki pilot training. The Paranid have gone hostile to everyone, and the Split and Teladi hate each other. You will often see these races fighting each other. How much you get involved with these races is up to you!

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