New sectors

There are over 70+ new sectors found in the mod. I have tried to keep each sector useful from expanding races to empire building. The new sectors include:

5 more Argon sectors

3 More Split sectors

5 More Yaki sectors

3 sectors for empire building

The empire building sectors feature more or less clean sectors for you to build in, however they lack in defensive ships and are owned by a race.

11 new pirate sectors

Now pirates own much more, including shipyards, equipment docks and a home sector populated with re-textured pirate ships.

6 new Khaak sectors

All accessible without a jump-drive! Watch out for the Khaak 'home' sector.

13 More Xenon sectors

The Xenon sectors have been greatly increased to add more depth to the Xenon Race. Many of the deeper sectors feature some older Xenon ships. There is even a Xenon 'Home' sector called Xenon Sector 999.

4 Terran sectors

Populated with Real Terran Station and ships! Each sector has an unique number of Terran ships which even re-spawn when killed. You can even visit Earth and also buy Terran ships and weapons.

2 More Goner sectors

The Goners also have 2 more sectors. One of the new sectors features their own shipyard; there you buy the latest Goner ships.


Battlegrounds is the prefect place to pick a fight with either the Pirates, Xenon and/or Khaak. You should not find any capital ships to fight either.


Home land for me and PJM! This sector even features a new station! Can you find it?

3 buyable sectors

You can now own 3 more sectors! They are named Sigma, Kappa and Theta. Sigma is the highest at costing 750milion (because of what's in it) whist Kappa at 350million and the cheap Theta for 250m. You better get them credits!

And more!

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