New X3 style ships

There are over 70 new X3 style ships to be found, ranging from M5 to M0.

The Nova-X

PJM, X3 styled ships

  • Argon Nova-X (M3+),
  • Perseus Proto (M3+),
  • Pirate Sting-Ray (M3),
  • Split Wulfen (M7),
  • Khaak Cruiser (M7),
  • Xenon R (M7),
  • Xenon T (M7),
  • Tender ships for each race,

Killertide, X3 styled ships

A New Goner ship
  • Goner Defender (M3),
  • Goner Preacher (M4),
  • Goner Priest (M5),
  • Yaki Psi (M3+),
  • Yaki Chi (M3),
  • Yaki Phi (M4),
  • Yaki Upsilon (M5),
  • Split Thorn (M3),
  • Split Hawk, (M4),
  • Split Bat (M5),
  • Boron Hammerhead (M3+),
  • New Ship (M7),

The Argon Goliath

Crip67, X3 styled ships

  • Argon Goliath (M0),
  • Argon Themis (M7),
  • Xenon V (M0),
  • Terran Aurora (M2),

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