The Terran

Terran weapons

Both Alpha and Beta version of the Terran weapons use a unique beam. The beam is similar to that of the Khaak but looks better and does more damage.

The Terran beam weapons

Terran sectors

For restarted games, there will be 4 populated Terran sectors. Each sector has a unique number of ships and are owned by Terrans (no Argon owned trick's). You will be allow to roam Terran sectors freely without having to unlock anything. The sol system features earth and the sun:

The Sol System

Terran stations

The Terran's will own some stations (including a EQ and a shipyard) and they will also produce products. The Terran's also make a new ware called - Fuel cells.

New Terran Destroyer (M2)

Created by Crip67, the new Terran destroyer can be found in most Terran sectors. The Terran Aurora is a powerful ship featuring 1 x 10GJ and 48 Terran guns. All Terran ships and weapons have been balanced out, so they are not so over-powered (but still are powerful). Here is a picture of the Terran Aurora (M2) with a Terran Odin (M1) in the background:

The Terran M2

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