My small X3 Mod - Balance v1.00

Friday 20th January, 2006 Comments 0 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
After much hard work I finally got myself an Argon M2 in X3. However when I put it into battle I found it was losing against an couple of pirate ships. Ok, my titan wasn't fully fitted out, however I do belive that an 70milion credit ship should be able to handle an couple of pirate ships - my M6 was doing was doing an better job. So I looked at the M1/M2/TL class and tried to 'balance' them out, making them faster (50% increase - M1/M2), faster PPC's (so they dont miss everything) and longer flak cannon's. The TL class ships have also got an added 2x1GJ shielding - afteral they are 'big' ships.


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