Roguey's X3 - Extreme v1.0 Released

Thursday 26th January, 2006 Comments 0 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
I have finally completed v1.00 of my new X3 mod. The overall objective of this mod is to try and balance, change and make the x universe more fun. The main part I felt was need was the upgrading of M1/M2 and TL ships. Many weapons also needed be improved.

main features of mod:
- All M1/2/6, TL ships improved,
- Reduced 'burst' firing,
- Shields Increased (1=3, 5=8, 25=26, 125=135Mw),
- Notoriety values changed (normally one ship per title),
- PPC, Mass driver and Ion improved,
- Real 'BEAM' cannons!!
- New BBS text,
- Auto Hull Repair System added,


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