Capturing your own Aran

The Aran is a unique ship which can only be found in the Unknown sectors (by using the Unfocused jumpdrive). The ship cannot be brought at any shipyard, nor is it given as a reward. The only way to get your own Aran is to board it with marines.

Why is the Aran special?
The ship itself is rather slow (12m/s top-speed) and has no weapons.. However it has up-to 120,000 XL cargo bay, 12GJ worth of shielding but has a unique docking bay:
  • 1 x Capital ship (yes, the Aran can dock 1 capital ship),
  • 29 x M5, M4, M3, M6, TP and/or TS size ships,
Basically the Aran can dock any ship in the game... including another Aran!

Is the Aran hard to find?
The Aran itself is not hard to find in the Unknown sectors, the problem being is finding one with enough hull to board. The ship will often spawn with very low hull making it impossible to board. The Aran in X3AP has 3.4 million hull, so repairing with a repair laser may take too long. Basically you will need to find a Aran with enough hull - which isnt easy!

How do I get my own Aran?
You will need to use your Unfocused jumpdrive then look around for the ship. It may take a few jumps before you see an Aran (it's fairly noticeable (visibly), but will not show on your map). Once you find a Aran, head-on over to it.

I can't select the ship, why?
It's a glitch; there is no way to select the ship (normally). So you can't check its hull status however the Aran will not spawn with shields. Basically the only way to check its hull is to board it and see when your marines say the hull is about to breach. If your luckly your marines reach Deck 5 without a problem, then start to hack the computer system.

How the heck do I board it when I can't even select it?
You don't need to select the Aran to board it. However you will need to make the ship hostile, this can be done by getting close to the Aran and firing your repair laser (as this won't damage the ship) on your space-suit:

Repairing the Aran

After a short time the ship will go hostile but will not move or attack you. So get back into your ship and select the board ship in the piracy menu and send in your marines.

Do I need a certain ship to board the Aran?
Not really, however you will need a M6, TP or M7M otherwise the piracy option won't be available. However with a M6 you can only carry up-to 8 marines, so a TP or M7M might be best. A TP should be fine for this.

Do I need good marines or a lot to board the Aran?
The Aran shouldn't be any harder to board than a normal M1. Do remember the Aran is a M1, so a lot of good marines would be a good idea. Your main problem will be the strength of the hull. However I recommend around 20 marines, as they can stay on the Aran after a successful boarding:

Boarding the Aran

I was lucky and got an Aran, what now?
First thing save, you dont want to lose it! Dock your ship on-board and transfer your jumpdrive and some energy cells. Be sure to collect any marines in space, as once you leave the Unknown space everything in it will be gone forever. When ready use your Unfocused jumpdrive to return to normal space.