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Breaking Grounds guide

Starting the plot

To start this plot you must of completed auction - shareholder #6 (in the Corporation Troubles Plot). After the auction, you should find a Blood Stained Note in your cargo-bay. The note asked (if you could), to inform Rurandis Libaras VII onboard the Teladi Trading Station, in Freedoms Reach; about the death of Molo Do (a Boron shareholder).

Between a rock and a hard place

The first thing to do in this new plot is to take a look at an asteroid in Heretics End. Search the sector for the asteroid, or travel to -68.2, -14.5, -8.36 km. You must get within 5km of the asteroid to scan it.

After you have scanned the asteroid, you will be told to destroy it. You can not do this with a normal weapon.

So, you need to contact a Mining Specialist. You may wonder is a Mining Specialist, well talk to either:

You will be told that the troublesome asteroid can be removed by parking a ship nearby, filled with mines then detonated remotely. You will need a TS class ship and 75k credits. When you have a ship ready, dock it at the HQ and install the remote detonator.

This will take a little while to do. When the ship is ready, you need to put at-least 20 mines on it - for a big enough bang. You can use any of the following mines (or a mix of each);

Once the ship is filled with mines, order it to get close to the asteroid by using the Fly to position command in the navigation menu. When the ship is close enough, it will explode - revelling an hidden gate:

Found a gate in the asteroid

Now, you will be ordered to investage the mysterious new gate. Travel over to it; get within 5km. Once you do, your get the following message:

Hello <player-name>, I work for the Gate Research Department based at the <ResearchStation> in <sector>. My sensors have just picked up a huge spike in the type of energy associated with the gates, this leads me to believe that there may be more gates there now than there were earlier in Heretic's End, where the event was recorded.

The data collected also puts your ship as the closest thing to the source of the energy spike. I shall probably need you to answer some questions, and will be in touch.

Now accept, and the mission will complete.

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