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Your first job for NMMC is to build a Teladi Teladianium Foundry M in Grand Exchange. If like me and you don't have your own TL you can hire one in Grand Exchange (there should be one floating around). Once you have a TL (hired or your-own) dock at the shipyard there (the shipyard in Grand Exchange stock Teladianium Foundry M's).

Buy the station. You will need to deploy the station on the Navigation Beacon; however to save time positioning the station you can simply press 5 on your number-pad then use the arrow keys to scroll down to the Navigation Beacon. This will put the station on-top of the Beacon, without having to align it up yourself:

Data Collection

Once you have built the station you told the station ownership has been transferred, and then thanked for your effort. Your next task is to collect some data from the Plutarch Mining Corporation HQ in Albion Delta (just north of Albion Beta) by docking at the station. You will probably have to jump in at Albion Alpha, then head west, then north due the trans-orbit accelerators.

A map to Albion Delta

Once there you will need to dock on the station however you cannot dock large ships (such as M7's, M1's or M2's) with the station, so you will need to change to a smaller ship like an M3 or M6 (well, didnt let me dock anyway). Once aboard you will get a message after a few seconds saying that you have got the data however the data is too sensitive to transmit. So you must return to NMMC Headquarters in PTNI Headquarters with the data.

When you dock at the NMMC headquarters, you're be once again thanked for you effort and will be given the Unfocussed Jumpdrive. This drive is unlike the normal jumpdrive, as it will take you to random sectors each time you use it. In these random sectors you might be very lucky and even see a Goner Aran (a unique ship only found in random sectors, which can dock capital ships). You may need to set a short-cut key for the Unfocussed Jumpdrive, so you can use it (in the controls setup page, under game, then upgrades - near the bottom).

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