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Xenon Hub Plot (Page 1 of 6)

Xenon Hub Plot guide


In this plot you will gain access to the Xenon Hub - a unique building which allows you to play with jump-gate system. This plot was added in v2.0, so you will need this version of X3AP to access this plot.

To trigger the Xenon Hub plot you will need to meet the following requirements:
  • Started with game Albion plot enabled, then completed the Albion plot,
  • A Boron rank of Queen's Guard (or higher),
  • And found Atreus Headquarters (shown here),
After which you should receive the following message:

This is an automated message offering you, an esteemed friend of the Boron, the opportunity to work for Atreus Shipbuilding Currents in QueensHarbour. Please visit us to see what we can offer each other.

So you will need to travel to Atreus Headquarters in Queen's Harbour to contact Gili Tosi. Once in the sector your notice the old blue book marker returns:

Starting the PHQ Xenon Hub plot

Now contact Gili Tosi and ask to help them.

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