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Operation Loose Ends


In this plot you will gain access to the Terran player headquarters (PHQ), Unfocused jumpdrive and the Xenon Hub. The Player headquarters is a unique building that allows you to to build your own ships, colour them and store wares. The Unfocused jumpdrive allows you to jump to random sectors, with the chance of finding your own Aran. And finally the Xenon Hub allows you to interconnect the Hub between gates. This plot was added in X3AP patch v2.5.

To trigger the Terran plot you will need to meet the following requirements:
  • Started has an Terran Commander or Aldrin Adventurer,
  • with a fight rank of Professional (or higher),
  • and a Terran rank of Local Councillor (or higher),
After which you should receive the following message:

[player.name], this is Admiral Chianna Giorno of USC high command. We have been monitoring your war efforts for some time now and are very impressed with the tremendous ability you have shown in defending the Terran border sectors. We are planning a highly classified mission which we believe your talents would be perfect for. If you are interested, report to the Orbital Defence Station in The Moon.

Admiral Giorno out


So to begin the plot you need to be in the sector called The Moon, and then to contact Admiral Giorno. When your in the sector you wont see our old blue bookmarker like the other plots (nor anyone to coms with):

Starting the Terran plot

So you must land on the station, to start the plot.

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