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Albion Prelude Plot guide


The Albion Prelude Plot is a new story found Albion Prelude. The plot is available immediately for the Argon Peacekeeper start, however is enabled for the following start postions:
  • Argon Peacekeeper,
  • Humble Merchant,
  • Bankrupt Assassin,
  • Tormented Teladi,
  • Poisoned Paranid,
  • Goner Witness,
  • Unholy Traitor,
  • Teladi Trafficker,
  • Yaki Insurgent,
  • Lost Lar,
  • Savage Split,
  • Anonymous Argon,
  • Boring Boron,
  • Pious Paranid,
  • Nostalgic Argon,
  • Suicidal Squid (DiD),
Basically all starts, apart from the Terran Commander. There is no plot mission(s) for the Terran Commander (as of v2.0)!


You will need to start with one of the above, have an Argon rank of Accepted Adviser (4,+ or higher) and a Terran rank of Citizen (0) or lower. You will also need to be in sector Argon Sector M148 to start the plot. If you do not meet these requirements then the plot mission will not be offered until you do.

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