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Albion Prelude Plot guide

Starting the plot

Once you are in Argon Sector M148, you will be contacted by Argons and told that you must join the special task force by moving into position. The position will be high-lighted like so:

Joining the task force

So press t (once your crosshair is over the yellow box) and start travelling over to meet the task force. You can use SETA to speed-up time by using j.

When you reach the checkpoint, a commander Aron Derik will contact the fleet and give a little speech about the current events and tell you how you can help. You will be given one task: Aid the war efforts.

Aiding the war efforts

Now check your sector map by pressing . and look for a sector with an orange name. This is the sector you will need to travel too; you can do this two ways - either jump with your jumpdrive (press shift+J) or fly there manually.

War sectors

Be careful in these war sectors because there are very large ships there. So don't think you can go take on everything - well unless you're flying a destroyer ship. After a few kills (I think 3) you should be contacted by the Argon, who will tell you about them finding Jonferco technology aboard Terran ships. You may want to turn on Auto-aim correction for your front guns, by pressing k (if not done already). You will be asked to return back to Argon Sector M148. Once there dock at a military outpost (high-lighted) to continue the plot. When Aiding the war efforts comes up in the future quests, its usually a good point to do something else, ie. if you want to take a break from the plot.

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