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Albion Prelude Plot guide

Jonferco Eavesdrop

You should have a new mission now which will require you to listen into a conversion (Eavesdrop) between Jonferco and the Terran's. You will need an M5 for this mission. The Argons have already supplied you a Advanced Discoverer for this mission. So now change ships at the military dock. The ship will come with an Triplex Scanner already installed.

You will now need to fly to Albion Gamma which is a few sectors away:

Flying to Albion Gamma in your M5

Once you reach the sector you will be told to look for two ships who are talking. You are looking for a Jonferco Command Ship (which I found at -26.5km, 2.18km, -4.21km). I think you should find it near that location, as it may vary a little.

Now you need to get closer to the Jonferco Command Ship, when youre round 12km away you will be told there is a Paranid ship there too. The Argon Commander is a bit confused about this, however he still wants you to get closer and keep eavesdropping on the conversation. Now you need to move forward and backwards (usually between 6 and 8km) to hear the next part of the conversation. You will hear how Jonferco and the Paranid are talking together. After a few exchanges they will be suspicious of you and will end the conversation for now. You need to head back to Argon Sector M148 and report your findings.

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