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Highway Patrol

Not long after reporting your findings, youre be asked to return to the military base (in Argon Sector M148) for your next assignment. Commander Aron Derik and Administrator Neyl Colbern (from Jonferco) will talk about a leak inside Jonferco and that they are both worried about.

You're told you need defend a ship carrying prototype highway gates. For this mission you are given:
a brand new Argon A Centaur (M6) which is fully equipped too!

You will need to head to Interworlds to protect the Jonferco Supply Mammoth containing the prototype highway gates. You may wish to transfer/buy some energy cells so you can jump to Wastelands then head south to Interworlds.

You need to get within 5km or so, after-which the captain of the TL will hail you and tell you form up, as they are heading to the south gate.

A few moments later, a bunch of Terran ships will jump in at the north gate, including a few M8's! M8 are powerful bomber ships that use Phantom Missiles. These missiles will do a lot of damage to both TL and M6 ships. You must shoot-out these missiles quickly, otherwise the TL wont last long.

The TL captain will say "This is too much, we are heading back", after-which a wave of Terran ships will jump-in (near the north gate). You are told that Argon forces are on their way.

This is when the mission will change into a patrol mission: giving you credits for each kill you make. However you may want to let the Argon force deal with most of the ships, because you are simply just one ship. The patrol mission will complete when the sector is clear of enemy ships.

When the sector is clear of ships, a Terran Tokyo (M1) will jump around the south gate. The Tokyo is an powerful ship - so be very careful. To be honest you may want let the Argon forces deal with that too (and hang back).

The Terran Tokyo under-attack!

After the Tokyo is down and out, your be thanked for your help and told to carry on aiding the war effort for now.

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